U2 “Under a Blood Red Sky”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day(#366 in the Series and #31 in the Live, Saturday Night Series) is U2, Under a Blood Red Sky

U2 long ago entered a stage where they are now quite polarizing. There are quite a few people that want nothing more to do with the Irish band.  My guess is that they’re tired of Bono’s politics.

U2, Under a Blood Red Sky was a different time. This album smokes as far as I’m concerned. You may have seen the accompanying video for the album that was recorded at Red Rocks in Denver, Colorado. One of the true great concert venues we have.  I know it looks cool, I’ve never been there so I can’t say how the sound quality is. I’m sure it’s better than what we have here in Chicagoland.  The old Poplar Creek Theater was good.  You can have that south suburban barn, I’m not even sure what they’re calling it this year.

Bono back in 1983

Under a Blood Red Sky was actually a mini-album or even an EP. It’s a real shame it wasn’t longer. It’s only about 35 minutes in length.

On this album, only “Gloria” and the not well known track, “Party Girl” were recorded at Red Rocks.  Most of the album was recorded at Sankt Goarshausen, Germany.

The opening number “Gloria” was one of the highlights. My favorite on the album is “I Will Follow.” I think that may be my favorite U2 song of all-time, that and “A Day Without Me” from the Boy album.

“New Year’s Day” was found here as well. Like many bands, u2’s tracks are better live than studio. It always amazed me that bands would take three months to record an album to get it just right. Then they play the song live it sounds better.  Give me a few flaws as long as it comes to life!

“Sunday Bloody Sunday” is also one of the greats here.

If you’re one of those that has soured on U2, don’t dismiss this album or this era. It was quite good!

–Larry Carta


Side One

  1. Gloria   4:47
  2. 11 O’Clock Tick Tock  4:41
  3. I Will Follow 3:45
  4. Party Girl   3:06

Side Two

  1. Sunday Bloody Sunday 5:18
  2. The Electric Co. 4:38
  3. New Year’s Day 4:36
  4. “40” 3:46


  • Bono – lead vocals
  • The Edge – guitar, keyboards, backing vocals, bass guitar on “40”
  • Adam Clayton – bass guitar, guitar on “40”
  • Larry Mullen Jr. – drums


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  1. Gary (08 May 2011, 2:16)

    This is a GREAT pick – KEEP UP the GREAT WORK !

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