Tim Finn ‘Escapade’

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#965 in the Series) is Tim Finn, Escapade

By the time 1982 ended, the Split Enz where a hot band.  Their album Time and Tide had done quite well for them, thank you.   Neil Finn was looking forward to getting a follow up on the street. His brother Tim had other ideas. Tim wanted to get a solo release into the market.  Both things ended up happening.

In later 1983, the Split Enz would release Conflicting Emotions, while Tim released, Escapade.  Both fine albums.  As it turned out, Tim did spend much of his time completing this album. This left Neil to pretty much completely compose Conflicting Emotions.

I’ve always loved this Escapade. I think that  it sounds nothing like anything that he’s done with either Split Enz or his solo career.   It is a very accessible album while not drowning in commercial sap.  It’s breezy without being lightweight.  While not sounding like other releases, it does indeed have one thing in common with them, that would be Tim’s fantastic voice.

It was long out of print, however the last few years I have been able to find it on many of the download services such as Google Music.  I really think that you should check this one out. It is a great album that is a perfect fit as we head into the heart of summer.  Well, at least we Tim Finn fans in the northern hemisphere are in summertime!

Nine Tim Finn songs call Escapade home. There is not a bad one in the bunch. Every song is fantastic. This is one of those albums that contains no filler. Nothing is bad. You’ll want to listen to it in one shot if allowed the chance.

The opening track is “Fraction to much Friction.” I’ve found some set lists of recent Tim Finn shows online.  I was glad to see that it has found life in his shows once again after all these years. That is spectacular!

I’m not going to even mention which songs I think are highlights. Those songs would be the entire track listing. Yes, it’s that strong.

One interesting thing to note is that one of the guest musicians here was an unknown mandolin player named Vince Gill. He plays on “Not For Nothing.”   Longtime Paul Simon sideman Richard Tee also adds piano.

–Larry Carta

Track Listing

  1. “Fraction Too Much Friction”
  2. “Staring at the Embers”
  3. “Through the Years”
  4. “Not for Nothing”
  5. “In a Minor Key”
  6. “Made My Day”
  7. “Wait and See”
  8. “Below the Belt”
  9. “I Only Want to Know”


  • Tim Finn – vocals, Piano
  • Ricky Fataar – drums, percussion, Keyboards, Backing vocals
  • Chris Haig – Bass
  • Sam McNally – Synthesizers
  • Mark Moffatt – Guitars
  • Venetta Fields – Backing vocals

Additional personnel

  • Richard Tee – piano on “Fraction Too Much Friction”, Rhodes on “In a Minor Key” and “Wait & See”
  • Amanda Vincent – Synthesizer
  • Wilbur Wilde – Saxophone
  • Joe Camilleri – Saxophone
  • Peter Cross – Trumpet
  • Vince Gill – Mandolin on “Not For Nothing”
  • Doug Lacey – Steel Drums on “Grand Adventure”
  • Phil Scorgie – Bass on “Grand Adventure”

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