The Killers Working on New Album

The Killers drummer Ronnie Vannucci has revealed that the band are set to begin work on new material.

Taking a break after an extensive world tour, The Killers have kept fans guessing. Brandon Flowers released a hugely successful solo record, while various members have embarked on solo projects.

Drummer Ronnie Vannucci is amongst them. Recording a number of solo tracks, new album ‘Big Talk’ is set to be released through his own micro-label Little Oil this summer.

Speaking to XFM, the drummer enthused about his own material before revealing that The Killers were preparing to get together to work on a few musical ideas. Claiming that they had “piles” of songs, the Las Vegas group are apparently near the recording stage.

“Tuesday (17 May) I think we’ll start doing some writing again” he revealed. “We have piles of songs we want to show each other. We’re going to get back in that room and start working.”

Continuing, Ronnie Vannucci explained that side projects were needed to keep The Killers fresh. “I needed to do this, it’s such a departure from what I’m used to, but now, having done it, it feels like the right thing to do. It all feels natural. I can’t sit on a couch very long.”

Due to be released on July 11th, ‘Big Talk’ is a departure for Ronnie Vannuci. Recorded in The Killers’ Battle Born studios, Vannucci was holed up in the Las Vegas complex across winter.

Recording with producer Joe Chicarelli, renowned music figure Alan Moulder provided the final mix in London at the Assault & Battery studios. Old friend Taylor Milne came in to oversee the sessions. “Taylor really attacks things from a different angle,” the drummer enthused.

“All these really cool leads that you’ll hear on the songs are Taylor. We work on it together, but it’s his take, so it’s very different. It sounds fresh to me.”

Ronnie Vannucci is set to release ‘Big Talk’ on July 11th. The Killers will headline Hard Rock Calling in London in June.
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