Rejyna “Solo Sojourn Live”

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As composer, guitarist and vocalist for the band Citadel, Rejyna’s sonic work ranges from searing to serene.  Her lyrics and vocals present phonic ponderings and philosophical premises that contemplate dreams and inner intuition as the source for true peace and happiness.  Rejyna often strays from standard song structure, such as using silence as a chorus, or putting two or three short songs into one interwoven full-length piece, straying from 4/4 whenever a chance presents.  The harmonic interplay and moods are intended to match lyrics and guitar phrasings to the message of the song.

Taking time to return to her hometown for some overdue reunions presented Rejyna the opportunity to play some solo acoustic sets.  She put together a set of new solo songs paired with some ‘stripped down’ versions of Citadel songs.  Using a looper and harmonizer, she crafted this set into a folk rock style, with 2-4 part vocal harmonies and live layered guitar phrases.  On stage with a headset mic and harmonizer, Rejyna’s voice goes between solo and two, three and four part harmonies, as she simultaneously wields an Ovation guitar thru intricately poised guitar layers that are played, recorded and stacked using the looper – all while you watch.  Rejyna makes no attempt to hide the adrenalin rush she experiences during the foot pedal tap-dance and fretboard frolic that each song requires.  She takes the time to explain to audiences what it is they are about to hear but the audience expressions one sees at her shows is proof folks are not quite prepared to hear that much music out of one mouth and two hands.

Photography by: Jazmyn Whitman

Wanting to make a musical marker for this exhilarating hometown experience, Rejyna is releasing a CD of her live solo acoustic performance titled, “Solo Sojourn Live.”

“Solo Sojourn Live” is scheduled for release at two live shows near Rejyna’s hometown in Ohio on May 6that Espresso Yourself Café in Powell, Ohio and on May 7th at Java Central in Uptown Westerville, Ohio.  Rejyna will perform for an hour both nights following sets by her friends Marc Hizer and Brian Schmidt.  Copies of her new CD will be available first at these shows and at subsequent performances.

During the month of May, copies of “Solo Sojourn Live” will also be available thru CDBaby and their digital affiliates such as iTunes, eMusic, Amazon, Napster and Verizon.

Rejyna is planning to continue performing her expanding solo set while maintaining her role in Citadel, who has another CD release scheduled for later this year.

Many who’ve witnessed Rejyna’s performance have expressed being given feelings of hope, strength, healing and happiness from the presentation.  Interestingly enough, Rejyna says the set gives her the same benefits as a performer, and she is even more pleased when this also translates to those who are there to see and hear her having fun.

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  1. e3 (13 May 2011, 9:16)

    Okay, So I didn’t actually write this post. I just copied Rejyna’s press release. Let me say this, Her album is the best example of “acoustic Prog-Rock” that I’ve heard. The videos are raw, but when you listen to the mix on the album you can hear why she’s gotten the star treatment on our site. So, go to the CDBaby link, give it a listen and then Buy It.

  2. Rejyna (17 May 2011, 21:28)

    Thanks so much for including me here! I had a lot of fun putting this CD together. James did a FANTASTIC job on the cover and packaging and using the good photos that my daughter shot. Making a solo live acoustic CD is quite a departure from the Citadel CD’s and I really hope folks like the music as much as I like performing it. Peace and Love!

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