David Gilmour, Nick Mason Join Roger Waters on “The Wall”

Yes, it was only a one-off. At least that’s what all parties are saying at this point. However, that won’t stop us from enjoying a 3/4 Pink Floyd reunion for at least one night.

A while back, David Gilmour lost a bet. He lost, we won. To pay up, he had to join Roger Waters for one night on Waters’ highly successful tour of “The Wall.” That night would be last night in London at the 02 Arena.

David Gilmour

We didn’t expect Nick Mason to be there as well. How lucky a cool for the 02 crowd.

David did his soaring solo in “Comfortable Numb” as expected. He did it high on the wall as in the past.

They also performed “Outside the Wall.”

Will this happen again? Via his website, Here’s David: “David is not repeating his special guest performance for a later occasion.” He couldn’t have at least given us a day or two to at last think about it.

Enjoy the video!!!

— Larry Carta

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Posted by Larry Carta

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  1. Peggasus (13 May 2011, 12:35)

    One of my Brit FB friends was there, he said it was A.Mazing!

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