Steve Kilbey “Unearthed”

Posted 19 May 2011 in 80s, Albums of 1986, Albums of the 80s, Alt-Rock

Today’s Cool Album of the Day(#379 in the Series) is Steve Kilbey, Unearthed

Steve Kilbey, Steve Kilbey….where have I heard that name you may be asking yourself. Well, he’s British born lead vocalist for the Australia band, The Church, as in “Under the Milky Way Tonight” fame.

This was released in 1986. It was the first of eight solo albums that Steve has done to date.  This was from a period when a few members of The Church decided to do some solo efforts.  Guitarist, Marty Wilson-Piper would release In Reflection as well.

One of the reason’s that I’m featuring this album is because one of the great songs on the disc is called “Judgment Day.” I figured I’d better get it in while I can!

Twenty songs were on this album. I actually had forgotten that there were so many little short ones in between the lengthier tracks.

Some of the numbers here that I would like to highlight include, “Out of This World”,”Pretty Ugly, Pretty Sad” and the previously mentioned “Judgment Day.”

Steve Kilbey’s next release would be called “Earthed.” So if you go out looking for this one, don’t get the two confused.

Track Listing

  1. Out of This World 3:59
  2. Guilty 3:23
  3. Pretty Ugly, Pretty Sad 4:21
  4. Swampdrone 1:48
  5. Judgement Day 3:01
  6. Rising Son 1:45
  7. Tyrant 4:16
  8. Forgetfulness 2:50
  9. Nonapology 2:06
  10. Transference 4:10
  11. My Birthday, The Moon Festival 1:52
  12. Design Error 2:50
  13. Nothing Inside 3:09
  14. Othertime 2:32
  15. Heliopolis 4:54
  16. Famine 3:56
  17. Arm Chair 3:26
  18. Life Like Love 3:09
  19. Someone Calls You On 3:45
  20. You Once Told Me 4:19


  • The Fuddha Drums, Percussion
  • Karin Jansson Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
  • Russell Kilbey Fretless Bass
  • Steve Kilbey Vocals

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Posted by Larry Carta


  1. coachmaddog (21 May 2011, 7:25)

    Now you’re talking!

  2. Slam (29 Jul 2011, 4:13)

    Really beautiful album – top songs from a time when the church were unparalled. Has a lot in common with ‘The Dunedin sound’ from NZ in the 80s.

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