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Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#141 in the Series) is Rush, 2112.

Every once in a while you have to just go with a good old fashioned rock and roll album. Rush 2112 fills the bill.

I loved Rush back in this era.  I was a Fly By Night fan, A Caress of Steel fan and then a 2112 fan.  The follow up live release All the Worlds a Stage is a fantastic live album that captured that era perfectly.  It was a real treat seeing Rush back in 2000 seat venues during that time. It seems like they were always playing around the Chicagoland area back during this time period. I’d see them quite often, maybe I even burnt myself out on them because shortly after that, I was done with Rush.  I haven’t seen them nor considered buying anything since about 1980.  Don’t tell me about Moving Pictures. 

Once again, we have an entry that one song is one full side. I never realized how many of those albums I had until we started doing this.

This was the album that took Rush from those small venues to the huge arenas that they still play today.  For the most part, I’d have to stay that they’re remained pretty true to their original sound. When I say that I don’t listen to them much anymore it’s because my tastes have changed, not theirs.  I’d love to them go out and play this or All the Worlds a Stage in their entirety. Wouldn’t 2012 be as good as a year as any to give that a go. I wouldn’t mind seeing that one more time. Is the Hammond Civic Center still open?!

2112 was produced by the band, Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart along with Terry Brown. Terry Brown also produced such acts such as Max Webster, Klaatu and Voivod.

2112, was released in 1976 and reached #61 on the Billboard Top 200 Album chart.

— Larry Carta 

Track Listing

Side One

    1. “2112” – 20:33
      • I: “Overture” – 4:33 (0:00—4:33)
      • II: “The Temples of Syrinx” – 2:12 (4:33—6:45)
      • III: “Discovery” (music: Lifeson) – 3:29 (6:45—10:14)
      • IV: “Presentation” (music: Lifeson) – 3:42 (10:14—13:56)
      • V: “Oracle: The Dream” – 2:00 (13:56—15:56)
      • VI: “Soliloquy” – 2:21 (15:56—18:17)
      • VII: “Grand Finale” – 2:14 (18:17—20:33)

Side Two

    1. “A Passage to Bangkok” – 3:34
    2. “The Twilight Zone” – 3:17
    3. “Lessons” (Lifeson) – 3:51
    4. “Tears” (Lee) – 3:33
    5. “Something for Nothing” (music: Lee) – 3:58


  • Geddy Lee – bass guitar, vocals, acoustic guitar, synthesizer
  • Alex Lifeson – acoustic and electric guitars
  • Neil Peart – drums, percussion

Additional musician

  • Hugh Syme – mellotron on “Tears”


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