Aerosmith “Toys In The Attic”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#404 in the Series) is Aerosmith, Toys In The Attic.

Well, it took 404 entries into our little project here, but we’ve finally gotten around to featuring Aerosmith.  I many could say that they’re one of the State’s best bands.  I know that’s easily debatable.  One thing that I don’t think is debatable is that they are one of the State’s best hard rock bands.

Me personally?  I’m not the one to say much about who’s who in the hard rock genre.  It’s not near the top of my list of favorites, but there was a period when I was into Aerosmith for a while.  This was that period along with the albums before it and slightly after.

It’s one of those that I bet many of you have purchased about 4 times now.  Once when the lp was released. You might have also had it on cassette and or 8-track, and then you went out and grabbed the compact disc and maybe even downloaded it!  So without doubling up on a format, you may have dropped dime on it five times!

I think it still sounds strong as well. There are a number of songs that I’ve always loved by this Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member.  It’s not as bluesy as some of the earlier efforts, but there are still many memorable tracks.  “Sweet Emotion” was always a favorite, as is “No More, No More.” The title track was actually a live track for REM for a while. You can find it on one of their compilation discs.

We all know about the influence of “Walk This Way” and every teenage boy got a kick out of “Big Ten Inch Record.”  Yeah, we thought we were cool.

Aerosmith remained strong for many years. I could do without them doing Dianne Warren tunes, but oh well.  There always a place for goodies like this.

— Larry Carta

Track listing

Side one

  1. “Toys in the Attic” (Steven Tyler, Joe Perry) 3:07
  2. “Uncle Salty” (Tyler, Tom Hamilton) 4:09
  3. “Adam’s Apple” (Tyler) 4:33
  4. “Walk This Way” (Tyler, Perry) 3:41
  5. “Big Ten Inch Record” (Fred Weismantel ) 2:16

Side two

  1. “Sweet Emotion” (Tyler, Hamilton) 4:34
  2. “No More No More” (Tyler, Perry ) 4:34
  3. “Round and Round” (Tyler, Brad Whitford) 5:03
  4. “You See Me Crying” (Tyler, Don Solomon) 5:12



  • Steven Tyler – lead vocals, keyboards, harmonica, percussion
  • Joe Perry – lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Brad Whitford – rhythm guitar
  • Tom Hamilton – bass guitar, rhythm guitar on “Uncle Salty”
  • Joey Kramer – drums, percussion

Additional musicians

  • Scott Cushnie – Piano On “Big Ten Inch Record” And “No More No More”
  • Jay Messina – Bass Marimba On “Sweet Emotion”
  • Uncredited guitarists – solos on “Adam’s Apple” And “Walk This Way”


Here’s the full album.

Posted by Larry Carta

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  1. coachmaddog (15 Jun 2011, 8:52)

    A good shot of testosterone here.

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