Peter Himmelman “From Strength to Strength”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#448 in the Series) is Peter Himmelman, From Strength to Strength  

If there were a checklist of “Interesting Facts/Accomplishments of an Artist,” Minnesota native Peter Himmelman would have it nailed. Prolific songwriter? 20+ studio albums both with his former band Sussman Lawrence and solo, including 5 solo children’s albums. Award Nominations? Grammys, Emmys (for the “Judging Amy” TV series), and numerous awards for his children’s albums.  Famous Relatives? His father-in-law is Bob Dylan.  And he’s an Orthodox Jew who keeps close to his faith, saying “One of the secrets is to be able to lose yourself, your ego—in the music, in the Torah.” So either with him or not, his music is an expression of more than just selling records.

“From Strength to Strength” is the 4th solo album from Himmelman, and what got me and others listening to him was the airplay of “Woman With the Strength of 10,000 Men.” A rollicking tune, with a really cool backstory in that he wrote it about his thoughts upon meeting a paralyzed woman and how impacted he was by her perseverance and will.  She could only move her eyebrows and eyes, and he was so humbled by her quest to succeed in her personal ambitions despite her limitations. The lyric “From the moment I saw your face, I knew I could never take living for granted” speaks to that effect she had on him.

An interesting side project Himmelman does is work for the Spinoza Bear project, which is a series of audiocassettes tucked into a toy bear, with his music and lyrics. Spinoza Bear has a history in assisting children in coping with hospital stays, abuse, loss of a loved one, and other traumatic situations. I don’t know, but it seems like the guy really has a heart.

Give this album another listen.  On a personal note, “Impermanent Things” could go on any playlist of mine and never sound old, anyone with feelings can’t help but be able to apply the truths expressed to something in their life.

— Kristin Morrisson

 Track Listing

  1. Walk on, Pt. 1 0:58
  2. Impermanent Things 3:43
  3. Woman With the Strength of 10,000 Men 4:53
  4. Love of Midnight 4:11
  5. Phone Call from Chicago  3:29
  6. Only Innocent 5:47
  7. Whispering Days 3:34
  8. Crushed 3:59
  9. Mission of My Soul 4:11
  10. Midnight Walk in the Ruins 5:39
  11. God Don’t Have to Teach You This Way 3:36
  12. This Too Will Pass 3:44
  13. Measure 4:02
  14. Running Away 4:46
  15. Walk on, Pt. 2 1:08


  • Peter Himmelman  Vocals
  • Bruce Carpenter Vocals
  • Sally Dworsky Vocals
  • Rob Genadek Tambourine
  • J’Anna Jacoby Violin
  • Andrew Kamman  Cymbals, Percussion, Timbales
  • Don Peris Guitar
  • Karen Peris Vocals
  • Jeff Victor Organ, Piano, Vocals
  • Al Wolovitch Bass


Posted by Kristin Morrisson


  1. Judith Wall (16 Sep 2012, 5:53)

    Can you PLEASE provide a video of his 3 most beautiful songs – SHILOH, BEEN SET FREE and GOD DON’T HAVE TO TEACH YOU THIS WAY.

    • Larry Carta (16 Sep 2012, 15:27)

      I put up every one I could find from this album.

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