Freebo “Something To Believe”

FreeboSomething To Believe

In a cluttered world that seems to thrive on excess, self-promotion, and personal and political agendas, listening to Freebo and his new album is like riding on a cumulous cloud of peaceful awareness.

Freebo, in the music business since the sixties, has been part of Bonnie Raitt’s band for more than a decade and has become a sought after session musician working with the elite of Rock & Roll aristocracy including Ringo Starr, John Mayall, Crosby Stills & Nash, Maria Muldaur, The Bluesbusters as well as many others. Since embarking on his own Freebo has released four albums of his own cosmic blend of country, rock, soul, and folk, ear pleasing genre defying music.

His latest release, the appropriately named Something to Believe, contains 11 strong musically diverse songs that are at once uplifting while at the same time serve as mini socio-economic history lessons interspersed with beautiful melodic love songs. The album has a real 70’s mellow rock vibe, which after multiple listens brings to mind the early works of England Dan and John Ford Coley along with the mellow California style of Seals and Croft.

The album opens with “Standing Ovation” an uplifting (it that’s possible) song that talks about death from the perspective of a happy and healthy person, something that is not often covered in song or in life for that matter. People tend to only consider death when it is imminent. “When I die, give me a standing ovation, a celebration for a job well done” a wonderful sentiment sung over a warm bed of strings, subtle horns, and an eloquent tuba whispering in the background. Along with his many musical skills Freebo is a world class tuba player and uses the instrument to subtle perfection here.

Just when the album threatens to become a real downer with the topical straight-from-the headlines tour de force “There’s No Place Like Home” that talks about serving your country, getting laid off, and ending up on the streets, the mood lightens considerably with the Jimmy Buffett on Bourbon Street sounding stomp “She loves My Dog More Than Me”. The lyric “A man’s best friend gets a girl in the end and I’m left holding the bone” is worth the price of admission alone. This is a story song John Prine would be proud of.

“My Personal GPS” Is a jaunty number with some nice bluesy guitar to complement this introspective song about his “Angel” his personal GPS that if only he would turn it on he would be guaranteed success. It all sounds so easy with a nice guitar solo in the middle of this great song. More clever lyrical genius here “She’s my Watson she’s my Tonto, never tardy always pronto”, makes me want to go find my personal GPS.

The title song, “Something To Believe” is somewhat of a personal call to arms to find something to believe, a wonderful sentiment and probably the most intimate and vulnerable song on the album.

The rocker on the album is ‘If Not Now When” that offers a sentiment and a personal anthem that everyone should heed my time is now, if not now, when. This song would fit in the catalogues of any of the fine musicians Freebo has worked with over the years.

The dirty blues number “In The Afternoon Heat” takes us down south with the guitars getting a little grittier and the vocals seemingly with a little more bite to them on this atmospheric number that would do well in a Quinton Tarantino movie.

“I Don’t Believe in Yesterday” and “That’s What Love Is” slows down the pace substantially while at the same time taking us back to the introspective and emotional core of the album.  There is the pure optimism along with primer of sorts where we learn what love really is. It is not that we don’t know, it’s just that we all need to be reminded sometimes, and Freebo does this for us so eloquently.  It is the best part of being alive, that’s what love is.

“Something For Nothing” takes us home with a fun Hammond organ playing in the background and a real cool guitar interlude in the middle, finishing up with a chorus of “I Feel Good” that leaves us feeling good.

If you are looking for an album where you can hit the play button put your troubles away, feet in the water, sip your favorite beverage and forget about life without thinking, this album is not for you.

If you are looking for an album where you can hit the play button, put your troubles away, feet in the water, sip your favorite beverage and end up a better person for it, then this album is for you. Here’s calling for more smart fun, emotionally deep albums from this talented artist.

— Walt Falconer

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Track Listing

  1. Standing Ovation
  2. When There’s No Place Like Home
  3. She Loves My Dog More Than Me
  4. My Personal GPS
  5. Something To Believe
  6. On A Parallel Together
  7. If Not Now When
  8. In The Afternoon Heat
  9. I Don’t Believe in Yesterday
  10. That’s What Love Is
  11. Sometimes It’s For Nothin’


  • Freebo: lead vocal, fretless bass, acoustic guitar, background vocals
  • Mark Goldenberg: electric guitar
  • Shane Fontayne: electric guitar
  • Skip Edwards: piano, accordion
  • Peter Bunetta: drums & percussion
  • Rosemary Butler: background vocals
  • Joe Meyer: French horn

    (Photo by Scott Dudelson)

  • Chris Cage: Accordion
  • Lee Thornburg: trumpets
  • Fuzzbee Morse: electric guitar
  • Dan Navarro, harmony vocal
  • John Krovoza, cello
  • Miriam Mayer, violin, viola
  • Jeff Pevar: electric guitars
  • Robert Tepper: electric guitar
  • Jerry Marotta: drums
  • Marcy Baruch: background vocals
  • Ed Tossing: piano
  • Kenny Malone: drums
  • Jude Johnstone: piano
  • Albert Lee: Electric guitar


Something To Believe by freebo-f-freebo

Posted by Larry Carta


  1. Java John (02 Aug 2011, 18:00)

    Excellent CD!! Love it, and play tracks on my radio show. Nice cover photo too.

    • Larry Carta (02 Aug 2011, 19:38)

      Yup, it is a great album. I’m glad we’ve had the chance to help bring it to more people.

  2. CKWindsong (08 Aug 2011, 17:29)

    Wow – love every song on this CD! This one is getting some serious playing time in my car! Thanks for letting us know about Freebo’s great new CD!

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