Dave Mason “Let it Flow”


Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#751in the Series) is Dave Mason, Let it Flow.

Dave Mason has put out a big ol’ chunk of good music,  from the days he spent with Traffic through a long solo career.  His latest album, 26 letters – 12 Notes is also strong as Dave still remains relevant to this day.  It’s too bad radio didn’t go near it.  He commented from the stage at a recent show I saw, “It’s like ‘I’m Selling Encyclopedias to them.”

Let it Flow was released in 1977.  Yup, that’s 35 years ago folks!

It contained his biggest hit. “We Just Disagree.”  I think it’s one of the best  “this just ain’t workin’ babe” songs ever written. Memorable moments here include “So High (Rock Me Baby and Roll Me Away),” “Let it Go, Let it Flow,” “Spend Your Life With Me” and “Mystic Traveler.”

I was surprised to read that Let it Flow only hit #37 on the Billboard Top Album Charts. I would have bet big bucks that it would have been much higher than that. Three singles charted. “We Just Disagree” peaked at 12.  I would have thought that was higher too. “Let It Go, Let it Flow” peaked at 45. “So High” hit to 89.

It was produced by big time producer Ron Nevison.  (Bad Company, UFO, Zep Physical Graffiti, Starship, Heart, Chicago.

Dave Mason was inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame as a member of Traffic in 2004.

As alluded to earlier, I had a chance to see Dave Mason recently, He was outstanding.  He played a tiny 400 seat venue.   He played everything from “Feeling All Right,” “40,000 Headman,” “Only You Know and I Know,” “Shouldn’t Have Took More Than You Gave” (a real highlight!) “World in Changes” (opening song). He encored with “Dear Mr. Fantasy” and “All Along the Watchtower.”

If you have the chance to see Mr. Mason, Go. . He’s highly recommended.  But be for warned.  You might not recognize him. He looks REALLY different. As you can see below.

— Larry Carta

Track Listing

  1. So High (Rock Me Baby and Roll Me Away)
  2. We Just Disagree
  3. Mystic Traveler
  4. Spend Your Life with Me
  5. Takin’ the Time to Find
  6. Let It Go, Let It Flow
  7. Then It’s Alright
  8. Seasons
  9. You Just Have to Wait Now
  10. What Do We Got Here?


  • Dave Mason – Guitar, Vocals
  • Yvonne Elliman – Vocals
  • Mike Finnigan – Keyboards, Vocals
  • Bobbye Hall – Percussion
  • Brooks Hunnicutt – Vocals
  • Dr. Rick Jaeger – Drums
  • Gerald Johnson – Bass
  • Jim Krueger – Guitar, Vocals
  • Karen Patterson – Vocals
  • Verna Richardson – Vocals
  • Stephen Stills – Vocals
  • Ernie Watts – Saxophone
Give it a listen below…

Here are some live tunes as well

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  1. Dave (16 Aug 2012, 17:34)

    Just a stunning solo album. I saw Dave when he toured for this album. He was billed with Kenny Loggins. I will never ever forget how upset I was when Dave opened for Kenny. The album was probably Dave’s most commercial success. You couldn’t go anywhere in the summer of 1978 and not hear “We Just Disagree”, but there are some real gems on this disc. “Let It go, Let It Flow”, “Mystic Traveler”,”So High…” I understand that Dave currently is living in Chicago, and he is touring with Steve Miller.

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