Poco “Live at Columbia Studios, Hollywood 9/30/71”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#523 in the Series) is Poco, Live at Columbia Studios Hollywood 9/30/71

Poco, Live at Columbia Studios, Hollywood 9/30/71 while recorded over 40 years ago, did not surface until early in 2011.  We’re glad it did.

I say that because the first obvious reason, that I wanted to hear this, but also for a second, even more important reason.  That being that this was a very important day in the bands history. It was a “coming out party” if you will, for the new line-up that would become the most popular in the bands history. Yeah, I know they did have a couple big hits much later, but this period will always be many fans favorite.

Timothy B. Schmit had replaced Randy Meisner a while ago when Randy joined the Eagles. Oddly enough, he’d eventually also replace Randy again in that band.  Another huge difference is that Paul Cotton, previously in the Illinois Speed Press, has now replaced Jim Messina. Messina, who also was the bands producer, went on to join Loggins and Messina.  The plan there was to produce a Kenny Loggins album, but then eventually joined him as a duet.

This recording was not a public gig. It was  help at Columbia Records private studio. At the time, Poco was recording for their affiliate label, Epic. The band felt it was time to say “hello” to all the label executives and showcase their new line-up.  Said guitarist, vocalist Richie Furay: “I think it was simply time for the CBS family to get to know us better. Certainly it was an opportunity to ‘personally’ thank the folks at CBS for the support they had given us and to let them see and hear us ‘up close and personal.’ We set up just like we would have for a small club. The audience consisted of a couple hundred or so people made up of CBS employees, our personal families, and friends. We had made a few changes from the beginning as far as band members, and it was an opportunity for the company to hear the direction we were headed.” It also turned out to be a great warm up for upcoming shows in Santa Monica.

Many of the tracks here were similar to what was also on the official live recording at the time, Deliverin’, only with the new line-up.

The highlight to me was the medley.  It consisted of “Hard Luck”, “Child’s Claim to Fame” (Originally a Buffalo Springfield tune” and the title cut from their debut album, “Pickin’ Up The Pieces.” Also a highlight was Paul Cotton’s “Bad Weather” This was originally an Illinois Speed Press song.  It took a new personality when it was slowed down a tad for Poco. I have a bonus video below of the Illinois Speed Press version.  More tracks worth noting are some Poco standards like the opener “I Hope You Made It”, “Hear That Music”, “You Are the One” and “Just For You and Me.”

“C’mon” is another song that was also on Deliverin’, however this version had always been closer to the true live version. You’ll notice it’s about two minutes longer in length.

Dig it.

— Larry Carta

Note: Richie Furay quotes via Poco album liner notes.

Track Listing

  1. I Guess You Made It
  2. A Man Like Me
  3. Ol’ Forgiver
  4. Hear That Music
  5. Hurry Up
  6. You Are The One
  7. Bad Weather
  8. Medley: Hard Luck,  Child’s Claim To Fame,  Pickin’ Up The Pieces
  9. Hoe Down
  10. What A Day
  11. Railroad Days
  12. What If I Should Say I Love You
  13. Just For Me And You
  14. C’mon


  • Richie Furay – Guitars, Vocals
  • Rusty Young – Guitars. Vocals
  • Timothy B. Schmit – Bass, Vocals
  • George Grantham – Drums, Vocals
  • Paul Cotton – Guitar, Vocals


Here’s a cool live rare Poco video from 1969…

Bonus Video: “Bad Weather” performed by Paul Cotton’s Illinois Speed Press Band. That’s the great Kal David on the left along with Paul. 

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