Roxy Music “Viva! Roxy Music”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#531 in the Series and #55 in the Live, Saturday Night Series) is Roxy Music, Viva! Roxy Music.

After the 1975 Siren album and tour, Roxy Music decided to take a break.  The break would end up being four years. They would next reunite for 1979’s Manifesto.

During that time, they decided to release their first live album. That album was Viva! Roxy Music.

The album would consist of shows from three different shows on three different tours. The first being 1973’s show at the Apollo in Glasgow. Next would be a 1974 show at City Hall in Newcastle and finally a 1975 show at Wembley Arena.

It was a nice hold-over until the band showed their faces again. It should have been a double album, but we’ll take it.  It did contain some fantastic versions of some of their best tunes. No “Love is the Drug” didn’t make the cut, and as usual, being honest, that’s OK with me.  That track was never near the top of my list. I feel it doesn’t come close to some of the tunes they included here. Give me the opening number “Out of the Blue”, or other classics like “Both Ends Burning” anytime, which they did.

“Pyjamarama” and “The Bogus Man” were a little bit of a surprise for me to find here. I guess you could say it was a “Chance Meeting”, and yes, that’s here as well.

The second side of the disc contains two of my favorite Roxy tunes. The first being “In Every Dream Home, Heartache.”  I was blown away when I saw Bryan Ferry pull this out on his solo tour in the late 80s. Now that was a surprise! The disc ends with “Do the Strand.” One of their best.

Make sure you check out the video playlist below. I’ve found live versions of just about all of the songs. Not always the versions on this disc, but all great takes. I even found some with Brian Eno who unfortunately, isn’t represented on this album.

The live versions are so powerful with Phil Manzanera’s guitar and John Thompson’s drumming.  Andy Mackay shows well with his sax and oboe touches, and of course, Bryan Ferry.

— Larry Carta

Andy Mackay

Track listing

All songs written by Bryan Ferry except as indicated.

Side one

  1. “Out of the Blue” (Ferry, Phil Manzanera) – 4:44
  2. “Pyjamarama” – 3:36
  3. “The Bogus Man” – 7:05
  4. “Chance Meeting” – 2:58
  5. “Both Ends Burning” – 4:46

Side two

  1. “If There Is Something” – 10:37
  2. “In Every Dream Home a Heartache” – 8:23
  3. “Do the Strand” – 4:00


  • Bryan Ferry – vocals, keyboards
  • Eddie Jobson – strings, synthesizer, keyboards
  • Andy Mackay – oboe, saxophone
  • Phil Manzanera – electric guitar
  • Paul Thompson – drums

Additional personnel

  • John Gustafson – bass on “Both Ends Burning”
  • John Wetton – bass on “Out of the Blue,” “The Bogus Man,” “If There Is Something,” “In Every Dream Home a Heartache,” and “Do The Strand”
  • Sal Maida – bass on “Pyjamarama” and “Chance Meeting”
  • The Sirens – background vocals on “Both Ends Burning”


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  1. coachmaddog (23 Oct 2011, 18:33)

    This may be the best live album ever (Up there with “Get Yer Ya Ya’s Out- Stones, “It’s Alive- Ramones, “Irish Tour ’74-Rory Gallagher). Love it, love them.

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