Woody Allen “Stand-Up Comic (1964-1968)”

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Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#561 in the Series and #59 in the Live, Saturday Night Series) is Woody Allen, Stand Up Comic (1964-1968)

We’re really going to go into a different direction today as we’re going to feature our first comedic album.   Yeah, and I’m sneaking it in as a “live” one as well, mainly because it indeed is a recording of three live stand-up routines.

This is very early Woody Allen, very, very early. “Stand-Up Comic” is a compilation of three performances from 1964 thru 1968. The first part was recorded at Mr. Kelley’s in Chicago in ’64. Part two was from the Shadows in DC the same year while the last part was 4 years down the road and from Eugene’s in San Francisco.

How’s does that parallel his movie career you may ask? Well, that is a great way to put a nice time stamp on things. His first screenplay was “What’s New, Pussycat?” I might even be better off saying “kind of” in this case. Yes, he did write the screenplay, but he’s always claimed the studio completely twisted what he had in mind.  This was 1965, and rookie Woody did not have the pull yet to make demands. He did proclaim that after this movie, he’d never give control away again. Said Woody of “What’s New, Pussycat?” … If I could have made the movie the way I wanted, it would have been much, much more funny… And it would have made a lot less money.”

No one was sure of the tapes of these shows existed for many years. In fact, they were not released until 1979.  It’s amazing how much of his very early performances are indeed lost. He hosted and guested on NBC’s The Tonight Show man times. None of that footage can be found.

There are so many wonderful bits here. Yes, they’re all available to be listened to below. The main one that must be heard is the story called “The Moose.  I’ll mention that by name, but they’re all good.  They’re all nice and short and an absolute joy to listen to.  Check ‘em out. You will laugh.

— Larry Carta

Track Listing

  1. The Vodka Ad -5:01
  2. Vegas – 1:41
  3. Second Marriage – 7:54
  4. The Great Renaldo – 2:11
  5. Mechanical Objects – 5:07
  6. The Moose – 2:48
  7. Kidnapped – 2:52
  8. Unhappy Childhood – 2:44
  9. The Science Fiction Film – 1:52
  10. Eggs Benedict – 1:40
  11. Oral Contraception – 0:31
  12. European Trip – 5:44
  13. The Lost Generation –  2:25
  14. Private Life – 6:22
  15. Brooklyn – 3:13
  16. The Army – 1:24
  17. Pets – 1:05
  18. My Grandfather – 0:56
  19. My Marriage – 2:45
  20. Bullet in My Breast Pocket – 0:49
  21. N.Y.U. – 2:37
  22. A Love Story – 3:41
  23. The Police – 5:12
  24. Down South – 3:50
  25. Summing Up – 1:23


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