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Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#590 in the Series) is Heart, Dreamboat Annie.

So I bet your first thought when you saw Heart as “Cool of the Day” was something along the line of, “What? Seriously?” Well, yeah absolutely this is a cool album.

Sometimes when a band gets very popular it’s easy to forget how good one of the albums may be. This is it absolutely the case with the Heart’s debut album, “Dreamboat Annie.”

When was the last time you listen to it? And I don’t mean just hearing “Magic Man” or “Crazy on You” on the radio. I bet it’s been awhile.

This was a perfect example of an album that was written and produced to be listened to as a full album and not just a song here or a song there. No, it’s not a concept album, but there is a flow and a feel to the order that the songs are placed on the disk. I guess that would be mainly because of the three appearances of the title cut “Dreamboat Annie.” They are “Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy Child),” “Dreamboat Annie,” and “Dreamboat Annie (Reprise)”

One of the things I’d forgotten about while reading listening to “Dreamboat Annie” is that the radio friendly versions were quite shorter than the album versions, this is especially true with “Crazy On You.” I’d forgotten about the long acoustic guitar solo that opens that track. I’m pretty sure it was on my 8-track version as well!

The other thing that people sometimes forget about “Dreamboat Annie” was the great contribution by guitarist Roger Fisher. Everyone remembers Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson, and rightly so, but Roger Fisher had a lot to do with this album.

As a matter of fact, Heart was originally Roger’s band. He helped form the band in Seattle in the late 60s, the Wilson sisters joined later. Roger was would stay with the band for three more albums he left in 1980.

“Crazy on You” and “Magic Man” are probably the two most well-known songs here, but when I go back and listen to it again the title cut “Dreamboat Annie” and “Sing Child Sing” are two standouts as well.

“Dreamboat Annie” reach #7 on the Billboard Top 200 album chart. As far as the singles, “Crazy on You” peaked at #35 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, “Dreamboat Annie” at # 42, while “Magic Man” reached the top 10 at #9.

— Larry Carta

 Track listing

All songs written by Ann & Nancy Wilson except where noted.

Side one

  1. “Magic Man” – 5:28
  2. “Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy Child)” – 1:10
  3. “Crazy on You” – 4:53
  4. “Soul of the Sea” – 6:33
  5. “Dreamboat Annie” – 2:02

Side two

  1. “White Lightning and Wine” – 3:53
  2. “(Love Me Like Music) I’ll Be Your Song” – 3:20
  3. “Sing Child” (A. Wilson, N. Wilson, Steve Fossen, Roger Fisher) – 4:55
  4. “How Deep it Goes” (A. Wilson) – 3:49
  5. “Dreamboat Annie (Reprise)” – 3:50


  • Ann Wilson – lead and backing vocals, flute, acoustic guitar on track 9, violin
  • Nancy Wilson – guitar, twelve string guitar, backing vocals, piano
  • Roger Fisher – guitars
  • Howard Leese – guitars, keyboards, percussion, backing vocals
  • Michael DeRosier – drums on tracks 6 and 8
  • Steve Fossen – bass guitar

Additional musicians

Roger Fisher

  • Dave Wilson- drums on track 1
  • Kat Hendrikse- drums on tracks 3, 4, 5, 7, and 10
  • Duris Maxwell- drums on track 9
  • Brian Newcombe- bass guitar on track 9
  • Ray Ayotte- percussion
  • Rob Deans- keyboards
  • Geoff Foubert- banjo, backing vocals
  • Mike Flicker- timpani
  • Tessie Bensussen- backing vocals
  • Jim Hill- backing vocals, guitars


Listen to the full album below.

Here’s some cool live “Dreamnboat Annie” tunes.

Or maybe The Decemberists covering Heart?

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