The Beatles as a “Boy Band?” HELP!

Posted 29 Dec 2011 in Music + TV News

HELP! The Beatles as a Boy Band?

Thank goodness I was born when I was, and even more so, thank goodness they were born when THEY were as well!

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I’d love to give someone credit for this but I can’t find the original. I believe it may have been by someone named Enryco. It’s credited on the pic to So I’ll give them a link.

It”s been pointed out a few times in the past that some of the Beatles early works may be compared to “Boy Bands.” There is a huge difference however. George, Ringo, John and Paul indeed do some very poppy music in their early days, but they came together as a band. They didn’t answer a cattle-call advertisement by a producer or a “theme park owner” and place them together and package them as they wished. They were a BAND, they wrote their own music. There is no comparison.

–Larry Carta


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  1. Phil Lucafo (31 Dec 2011, 2:50)

    You’re freaking me out man!

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