Unreleased Thin Lizzy Box Set to Be Coming. As Many as 700 Phil Lynott-era Tracks “Found”

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2012, hopefully it will be another great year for music, one of the more interesting releases looks to be a box set of archives that were found of  Thin Lizzy recordings. They include mountains of tape produced before Phil Lynott’s death in 1986.

As many as 700 songs may have been “unearthed,” and a June box set release is being planned according to Universal Music, the set’s label.

The project is being organized by Steve Hammonds, he recently told the Irish Independent, “This is an absolutely stunning find.  In every group there’s a member who lovingly collects their recordings and in Thin Lizzy that was Phil Lynott, because Lizzy was his baby and his band.”

“There are out-takes, unheard versions of Thin Lizzy hits and, most exciting of all, material which was recorded but never released at the time”

Steve Hammonds continued, “Phil Lynott was such a prolific songwriter. He recorded 12 Thin Lizzy albums, two solo albums, along with his Grand Slam post-Lizzy project, and now we find he had even more songs in his drawer.”

As far as band input, Thin Lizzy members Scott Gorham and Brian Downey will have the final say in what will or will not be released.

“The members of Thin Lizzy are fully involved with this project. We have been sending them tapes of what we’ve found and respecting their wishes as regards the material being issued and the art work,” added Hammonds.

Why did it take so long for this music surface, a Universal Music Record’s label exec added “Phil Lynott passed the material on to a third party for safekeeping. They held on to it for decades because they were waiting for the right people to come along.

“They really didn’t trust anyone enough to release it properly. The catalyst was a boxed set of Thin Lizzy BBC sessions we issued earlier this year, which made them believe we were the right people. No money has changed hands, this person is a Thin Lizzy fan.”

— Larry Carta


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