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Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#669 in the Series) is the debut self-titled album by Singer / Songwriter Bill Quateman.

In 1972 I heard a song on WXRT called ‘Changing of the Guard.’ ‘XRT has always given a run down on what they had just played. Usually as a set.  I loved the song and waited to hear who it was by.  Well That’s when I first heard the name Bill Quateman.

So made my trek to Hegewisch Records and bought his debut.  Mind you I didn’t look at the song list.

Well somehow I got the album wrong.  The song I heard was Steely Dan.  But I screwed up what I was looking for and ended up with Quateman.

But I played the album anyway and it turned into one of my favorite albums of all time.  I still love it to this day!!

I’m not sure how he pulled it off, but Quateman was able to get Elton John’s backing band to play on this release.  Caleb Quaye and Davey Johnstone on guitar and Sid Simms on bass.   He also grabbed one of the best drummers in Chicago, Tom Radtke.

The music was wonderful. Folk – Rock I guess you could say?

Some of the tracks that jumped out were, “My Music,” “Only Love,” “Only The Bears are the Same,” “Too Many Mornings,””What Are You Looking For,” and “Get It Right On Out There.”

Jump forward about 30 or so years.  One night I was looking around on the internet and found Bill’s email address.  It was also a Yahoo Messenger address,  Well I saw he was online and we chatted for about 20 minutes.  It was pretty cool.  A few months later he did a show at Fitzgerald’s here in the Chicagoland area.  I was able to get together with him and I told him the Steely Dan story.  We both got a big kick out of it.

The strength of this album has always been the songs. As I mentioned I loved it the first time I played it and I still do as much today as I did 40 years ago!!   They’re like old friends to me now. I’m actually quite proud of myself to be into something like this when I was 13 years old. No matter how I stumbled on the record.

This album might not be that well known out side of the Chicago area, which is one of the reasons I’m writing this.  He did success on a larger scale with his Night after Night album a few years down the road.  I can tell you thought that like I said, here, it was big time. I’m one of those guys that would look at people’s record collections when you were at their house chatting music. I found this one in the stack quite often. I really is an important part of the history of Chicago music.

Be sure to check out Bill’s website, as he has many other fine albums and is still writing some wonderful tunes.

– Larry Carta

Track Listing

  1. My Music –  5:24
  2. Only Love –  3:12
  3. Circles –  4:54
  4. Keep Dreaming –  4:41
  5. Only The Bears Are The Same –  3:13
  6. Get It Right On Out There –  6:00
  7. What Are You Looking For –  4:56
  8. Your Love Can Make It Real –  4:57
  9. Too Many Mornings –  4:33


  • Bill Quateman – Guitar, Piano, Vocals
  • Clive Anstee – Cello
  • Jeffery Brown – Horn
  • Ray Cooper – Percussion
  • Lesley Duncan – Vocals
  • Davey Johnstone – Guitar
  • Paul Keogh – Guitar
  • Caleb Quaye – Guitar
  • Tom Radtke – Drums
  • Denny Seiwell – Drums
  • Sid Sims – Bass
  • Liza Streik – Vocals


Posted by Larry Carta


  1. Dave (02 Apr 2012, 13:22)

    Bill was quite a staple down at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in the latter 70’s. I recall seeing him at Shyrock auditorium on more than one accasion. One particular time he refused to play with Shawn Colvin’s band becasue they weren’t accoustic enough for Bill to have thme back him up. Oh the controversy……

    • Larry Carta (02 Apr 2012, 13:26)

      Thanks Dave, I had a friend that lived in Carbondale about that same time. She used to tell me about seeing Shawn Colvin all the time. Fun times I’m sure.

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