Steve Goodman "Somebody Else’s Troubles"

Today’s Cool Album of The Day is Steve Goodman, “Somebody Else’s Trouble.”

We’re going back to the Singer/Songwriter genre today.  If you look up Singer/Songwriter in the dictionary you’d see Steve Goodman’s face on the description.

He was one of the best. It’s hard to believe he’s been gone 26 years now.

“Somebody Else’s Troubles” was Steve’s third album.  It’s full of goodies!

The album starts with one of his most well known songs, “The Dutchman.” It’s one of the few hits that Steve did not write.  It was written by Michael Smith.

Other tracks you might know include ‘Lincoln Park Pirates, Chicken Cordon Blues,’ and of course the title cut, ‘Somebody Else’s Troubles’ which features an uncredited Bob Dylan on vocals.  Nice ‘get’ for that point in Steve’s career!!

The disc ends with one of my favorite Steve Goodman songs.  ‘The Ballad Of Penny Evans.’ It is song acapella and in first person. It’s the story of a young war widow and her angst of the Vietnam War.  You’ll be moved by this quite powerful story.

David Bromberg adds some great string work to the effort.


  • Jerry Barnham   – Flute
  • Willie Bridges –  Sax (Baritone), Sax (Bass), Saxophone
  • David Brigati – Vocals, Vocals (Background)
  • Eddie Brigati – Vocals, Vocals (Background)
  • David Bromberg – Dobro, Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Mandolin
  • Steve Burgh – Bass, Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Mandolin
  • Jerry Burnham  – Flute
  • Bob Dylan – Piano, Vocals
  • Steve Goodman – Composer, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Vocals
  • Jeff Gutcheon –  Keyboards, Piano
  • Mark Horowitz – Banjo, Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
  • Bill Keith – Banjo, Guitar (Steel), Pedal Steel
  • Kenny Kosek -Fiddle
  • Arif Mardin – Piano, Producer, Remixing
  • Charles McCracken – Cello
  • Hugh McCracken – Guitar, Guitar (Electric)
  • Jack McGann -Accordion, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic)
  • Steve Mosley -Drums, Sound Effects
  • Maria Muldaur – Vocal Harmony, Vocals
  • David “Fathead” Newman – Sax (Tenor), Saxophone
  • Larry Packer -Fiddle, Violin
  • Robert Milkwood Thomas – Piano, Vocals

Track Listing

  1. The Dutchman
  2. Six Hours Ahead of the Sun
  3. Song for David Goodman
  4. Chicken Cordon Blues
  5. Somebody Else’s Troubles
  6. The Loving of the Game
  7. I Ain’t Heard You Play No Blues
  8. Don’t Do Me Any Favors Anymore
  9. The Vegetable Song (The Barn Yard Dance)
  10. Lincoln Park Pirates
  11. The Ballad of Penny Evans
  12. I’m My Own Grandpaw
  13. The Auctioneer

Here it is on a playlist.

Here’s a great live version of ‘The Dutchman’ with Steve and Jethro Burns.

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