Matthew Sweet “Earth”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#163 in the Series) is Matthew Sweet, Earth.

It’s time for me to go a little obscure with the blog once again.  After all, I think that’s what sets us apart.

It’s amazing when I look back at my ‘yute’ and think about how many unheard of bands I liked, that hit on their next release.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say that I was any kind of ‘A+R’ guy that just didn’t happen to be an ‘A+R’ guy.   The reason for most of this success in coming was that I had an unfair advantage.  Being a music distributor, I was often given promo copies of new music that I would otherwise, probably, never have purchased.   So I simple heard more music than most.  Often that music was right at the beginning of a label push.

A great example of this is Matthew Sweet, Earth.  Except for Mr. + Mrs. Sweet, not many people had heard Matthew’s music.  This was 1989. Earth was his third releases on three different labels.

But Earth was on A+ M and it started the ground swell for his follow up breakthrough album, Girlfriend.

Earth album had some wonderful moments.  Favorite tracks included “When I Feel Again,” “Wind and Rain,” “Easy and Children of Time (Forever.)”

Earth had some nice names playing on it. Chris Stamey and Richard Lloyd on guitar, Kate Pierson and background vocals, etc.

It’s pretty hard to find. I did see that you can download it from the usual places.  I couldn’t even find one video to attach.  So you’ll most likely have to believe me on this one.

Track listing

All tracks composed by Matthew Sweet; except where indicated

  1. “Easy”
  2. “When I Feel Again”
  3. “Wind and the Sun”
  4. “Children of Time (Forever)”
  5. “Love” (Sweet, Fred Maher)
  6. “Vertigo” (Sweet, Fred Maher)
  7. “Underground”
  8. “The Alcohol Talking” (Sweet, Fred Maher)
  9. “Vixen”
  10. “How Cool”
  11. “Having a Bad Dream”


  • Matthew Sweet – guitar, bass, programming, vocals
  • Robert Quine – guitar
  • Trip Shakespeare – background vocals
  • Chris Stamey – guitar
  • Leah Kunkel – background vocals, vocal co-ordinator
  • Richard Lloyd – guitar
  • Gary Lucas – dobro, wah wah guitar


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