NBC News Mistakenly Reports the Death of ‘Astronaut Neil Young’

Posted 25 Aug 2012 in Music + TV News



“First Man on the Harvest Moon!” – Stephen Dalrymple

NBC News were the first to report the death of astronaut Neil Armstrong, which is obviously a huge story, but in the frenzy to get the first full story up on their website they made a mistake in their headline. They originally reported the death of ‘Astronaut Neil Young’.

NBC News first reported Armstrong’s death in a tweet . That’s where most people first heard the news. Armstrong’s wife Carol told NBC’s Jay Barbree about her husband’s passing  and that’s how word got out. Barbree broke the story, and he’s getting praised  for it.

In the minutes after, the NBC News website was frantically trying to get their story up. In their haste, a mistake was made. As Digg’s Ross Neumann  points out, for the first few minutes the story was up online, the headline mistakenly reported the death of ‘Astronaut Neil Young’

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