Rodney Crowell to Cancel Select Tour Dates Due To Health Scare

Posted 05 Nov 2012 in Music + TV News


This just in from Rodney Crowell’s facebook page. We wish him the very, very best in his recovery.

Nashville, TN — Nov 6, 2012 — In the last several days, Crowell had a heath scare that required a visit to the Emergency Room. He was later released from the hospital and is at home and feels fine.

His doctors have scheduled additional tests that must be completed before he is cleared to resume touring. Shows for the next two weeks have been canceled in order for further tests to be run.

Stay tuned for more information about refunds and rescheduling. For refunds, please contact venues directly or point of purchase.

The following dates have been canceled
  • Wednesday, Nov 7 – The Blue Light, Lubbock, TX
  • Thursday, Nov 8 – The Lumberyard, Roscoe, TX
  • Friday, Nov 9 – Firehouse Saloon, Houston, TX
  • Saturday, Nov 10 – Hank’s Texas Grill, McKinney, TX
  • Tuesday, Nov 13 – Cendera Center, Fort Worth, TX
  • Wednesday, Nov 14 – Antone’s Austin, TX
  • Thursday, Nov 15 – Grand Stafford Theater, Bryan, TX
  • Friday, Nov 16 – Sam’s Burger Joint, San Antonio, TX
  • Saturday, Nov 17 – The Barn, Nacogdoches, TX

Here’s a statement from Rodney issued on November 14th.

On the way to the mall, I was driving along a tree-lined avenue when a rogue flash of autumn sunlight pierced the windshield and, for a few seconds, I was literally driving blind. It wasn’t until I reached the mall, found a parking slot and killed the engine that I noticed my field of vision growing steadily narrow, its periphery impaired by what looked like kaleidoscopic gobs of dirty Vaseline.By the time the Mac-Genius asked how she might be of help, I was nearly sightless, both of my legs weighed a ton and there was little doubt in my mind that I’d soon lie sprawled on the floor. I excused myself and slogged the short distance from inside the store to the bench just outside the entrance to the mall. From there my assessment of the situation went something like this: Heart Attack? I don’t think so, no pain in my chest. Panic attack? Nope, this isn’t one of those. Could be the onset of a diabetic coma; maybe brain cancer, or some kind of stro

ke. Shit! I’m going freaking blind in public and there’s no way I can drive myself home.Then came the spaced out phone call to my wife, Claudia, who was well over an hour away, and the subsequent call to my daughter, Chelsea, who, perhaps rightly, dialed 9-1-1.

After four hours of poking and prodding in the ER, Claudia and I were informed that high blood pressure was the likely culprit and sent on our way. Since then, my cardiologist neighbor has pronounced my heart perfectly fit, more specialized tests have been run, ocular migraine and TIA have been bandied about, and still no one, save the cardiologist and a doctor pal of mine from out in Montana, has stated the obvious: “emotional stress and physical exhaustion will eventually take a man down. Health scare? Perhaps not. Wake up call? You betcha!

For those who are wondering, soon after Thanksgiving I’ll be getting back to work on my next solo album, and in the new year the dates I missed in Texas will be re-scheduled. 2013 will also see Emmylou and I promoting our duet record and touring with Richard Thompson.

By the way, it’s rare that I visit a mall. The purpose of the ill-fated stopover was to replace my damaged I-Phone—the one my high-heeled and mini-skirted friend and co-manager, Heather, had tracked down and fetched, during rush hour traffic, from the middle of Interstate 65, the technological rescue of which is yet another story. Rodney

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