Do You Have a Taste For Some Limited Edition Rolling Stones Whiskey?

Posted 10 Nov 2012 in Music + TV News



Are you looking for something special to buy that Rolling Stones fan in your life? Do you have a nice stack of “F-U” money available? The first question isn’t as important as the second if you’re going to end up owning this extremely limited edition, extremely expensive bottle of whiskey.

Japanese bottler Suntory have teamed up with the aging rockers to produce this luxury in honor of their 50th anniversary.  Only 150 have been produced and they’ll list for a half-million yen.  What’s that in our terms? Just $6,300, that’s all.  Look at it this way, it’s only $200 a sip.

But hey! You do get a bottle that has the The Rolling Stones signature tongue and lips and it’s refillable as well.  So you can use it over and over and over. The whiskey that it comes with has been described as having a complex aroma, a rich heaviness, and a smokey aftertaste.

— Larry Carta

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