Paul Simon Sings ‘The Sound of Silence’ at Victoria Soto’s Funeral

Posted 21 Dec 2012 in Music + TV News


Victoria Soto is a hero. She died protecting her students from the gunman last Friday in Newtown, Ct.  Her family was also friends with singer/songwriter Paul Simon. Paul helped honor Ms. Soto this week by playing a rendition of the classic Simon and Garfunkel song “The Sound of Silence.”

He was not introduced, there was no applause just “hushed silence” when he was finished the song that was described in a report as being her favorite. The funeral was held December 19th at the Lordship Community Church in Stratford, Ct.

Paul Simon knows the Soto family via his sister-in-law.

Ms. Soto’s sister spoke at the service saying: “Somebody wrote me a letter about the recent tragedy that I would like to share with you: In it, it said they had to sit down with three small children, explaining to them that monsters sadly do exist out there. But they felt relief that because of my sister, they were able to tell them that superheroes also are very real.”

Last year Paul Simon also played the song at Ground Zero for the 9/11 10th anniversary remembrance.  We share that very moving rendition with you blow.

Note: The photo of Paul Simon is from his induction in October 2011 into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

(9/11 2011 Ground Zero)

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