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Song Of The Day by Eric Berman – “Waters Of March” by Art Garfunkel

Art Garfunkel certainly missed his calling during his post Simon & Garfunkel solo career. If ever an artist was better suited to cut a Bossa Nova album with his gentle, smooth voice and octave range, it was Art Garfunkel. Proof positive is his recording of the Antonio Carlos Jobim classic “Waters Of March” from his second solo record, 1975’s Breakaway.

“Waters Of March” was written by Antonio Carlos Jobim in both English and Portuguese (“Águas de Março”) and appeared on his 1973 album called Jobim. Although, the Bossa Nova craze was in the early 1960s, the song has since become a standard part of the repertoire, covered numerous times by the likes of Sérgio Mendes & Brasil ’77, David Byrne and Marisa Monte, Al Jarreau, John Pizzarelli, Rosemary Clooney, and dozens of others.

Breakaway was a high water mark for Garfunkel that generated three top 40 singles: “I Only Have Eyes For You” (US #18, UK #1), “Breakaway” (US #39) and the Simon And Garfunkel reunion duet, “My Little Town,” which peaked at #9. Further driving the popularity of the record was the Simon And Garfunkel reunion that took place on TV’s Saturday Night Live, which at the time was the hip epicenter of the media world.

The Richard Perry produced album was an all-star affair featuring  a who’s who of backing talent including appearances by David Crosby, Graham Nash, Andrew Gold, Nicky Hopkins, Jim Keltner, Jim Gordon, Barry Beckett, Larry Knechtel, Russ Kunkel, Joe Osborne, Bill Payne, Klaus Voorman, Toni Tennille, Stephen Bishop and Leland Sklar. You can see the full listing below.

Not only were the hits great, but there were quite a few non-singles that have become central to Garfunkel’s repertoire, including the Bruce Johnston penned “Disney Girls,” “99 Miles From L.A.” with lyrics by Hal David and a terrific cover of Stevie Wonder’s “I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever.”

Word is that Garfunkel’s voice isn’t what it used to be, so I guess a Bossa Nova album coming from him today would be too much to ask…however, it would be real nice to hear.

Eric Berman


Track listing

Side one
  1. “I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)” (Stevie Wonder, Yvonne Wright) – 3:47
  2. “Rag Doll” (Steve Eaton) – 3:03
  3. “Break Away” (Benny Gallagher, Graham Lyle) – 3:31
  4. “Disney Girls” (Bruce Johnston) – 4:32
  5. “Waters of March” (Aguas de Março, Antonio Carlos Jobim) – 3:34
Side two
  1. “My Little Town” (Paul Simon) – 3:51
  2. “I Only Have Eyes For You” (Al Dubin, Harry Warren) – 3:36
  3. “Looking For The Right One” (Stephen Bishop) – 3:20
  4. “99 Miles From L.A.” (Albert Hammond, Hal David) – 3:29
  5. “The Same Old Tears On A New Background” (Stephen Bishop) – 3:42


  • Art Garfunkel – vocals
  • Toni Tennille – vocals
  • Stephen Bishop – guitar, vocals
  • Steve Cropper – guitar
  • Graham Nash – vocals
  • Paul Simon – guitar, vocals
  • Jay Clayton – vocal
  • Pete Carr – guitar
  • Andrew Gold – guitar, vocals
  • Nicky Hopkins – keyboards
  • Bruce Johnston – piano
  • Jim Keltner – drums
  • Jim Gordon – drums
  • Louie Shelton – guitar
  • Barry Beckett – piano
  • Max Bennett – bass
  • Joe Clayton – percussion
  • David Crosby – vocals
  • David Katz – violin, orchestra contractor
  • John Guerin – drums
  • Roger Hawkins – drums
  • David Hood – bass
  • John Jarvis – piano
  • Larry Knechtel – keyboards
  • Russ Kunkel – drums
  • Del Newman – conductor
  • Joe Osborn – bass
  • Bill Payne – keyboards
  • Reinie Press – bass
  • Denny Seiwell – drums
  • Rick Shlosser – drums
  • Lon & Derrek VanEaton – guitar
  • Klaus Voormann – bass
  • Leland Sklar – bass
  • New World Philharmonic Orchestra


Eric Berman’s Song of the Day

Here is the album in its entirety

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