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Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#173 in the Series) is the debut self-titled album from Rickie Lee Jones.

Rickie Lee Jones, 1979, was one of the most successful debut albums in the seventies, both critically and commercially.

It produced a hit single, “Chuck E.’s in Love,” which peaked at #4 on the Billboard Singles chart while the album peaked at #3 on the Billboard Album chart.

It also won her a Grammy for Best New Artist.

“Youngblood” was also successful single, but for personal preference, give me “Danny’s All-Start Joint.” It was way too cool to be a single but was among the best tracks on the album. “Last Chance Texaco”still gives chills.

“Coolsville” was great if you wanted something in a slower tempo and can’t forget “EasyMoney.”

What amazed me while looking into the album was the quality of musicians that she and producers Lenny Waronker and Russ Titleman were able to recruit.

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen another album that included three of the best drummers.  This album had input from Steve Gadd, Andy Newmark AND Jeff Porcaro. How did they pull that off!

Dr. John played keyboard, Michael McDonald sang, Randy Newman synthesized, Fred Tackett guitared and Willie Weeks bassed and Tom Scott blew his own horn.

Hippie Chick Rickie has continued to play and record great music well into the next century.  However she would never match the success of her debut and “Chuck E.’ s in Love.”

Here’s a couple Rickie tunes plus a great acapella  cover version of Danny’s All Star Joint.

Track listing

Songs written by Rickie Lee Jones, except where noted.

  1. “Chuck E.’s in Love” 3:28
  2. “On Saturday Afternoons in 1963” – 2:31
  3. “Night Train” – 3:14
  4. “Young Blood” – 4:04
  5. “Easy Money” – 3:16
  6. “The Last Chance Texaco” – 4:05
  7. “Danny’s All-Star Joint” – 4:01
  8. “Coolsville” – 3:49
  9. “Weasel and the White Boys Cool” (Rickie Lee Jones, Alfred Johnson) – 6:00
  10. “Company” (Rickie Lee Jones, Alfred Johnson) – 4:40
  11. “After Hours (Twelve Bars Past Midnight)” – 2:13


  • Rickie Lee Jones – vocals, guitar, keyboards, percussion, horn arrangements
  • Dr. John – keyboards
  • Michael McDonald – vocals
  • Randy Newman – synthesizer
  • Victor Feldman – percussion, drums, keyboards
  • Tom Scott – horns
  • Ralph Grierson – keyboards
  • Michael Boddicker – synthesizer
  • Red Callender – bass
  • Nick DeCaro – accordion, orchestral arrangements
  • Buzz Feiten – guitar
  • Chuck Findley – horns
  • Steve Gadd – drums
  • Randy Kerber – keyboards
  • Neil Larsen – keyboards
  • Arno Lucas – background vocals
  • Johnny Mandel – orchestral arrangements
  • Andy Newmark – drums
  • Jeff Porcaro – drums
  • Leslie Smith – background vocals
  • Mark Stevens – drums, percussion
  • Fred Tackett – guitar, mandolin
  • Joe Torano – background vocals
  • Ernie Watts – horns
  • Willie Weeks – bass
  • Matthew Weiner – background vocals

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