Judas Priest “Sad Wings of Destiny”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#175 in the Series) is Judas Priest, Sad Wings of Destiny.

Back to some metal.  I’m sure some might be saying ‘ug’ while others are saying, ‘It’s about time,’ but as you know, We try to spray to all fields here.

Sad Wings of Destiny is EARLY Priest, real early.  This was released in a period when they weren’t even sure if they were going to make it.  This was their second album.

One of the things that I always liked about this album was the fact that it did have a touch of prog-rock in it. I think that was something missing from some popular metal bands later.  To each, his own.

The writing credits are spilt among vocalist Rob Halford and guitarists Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing. Bassist Ian Hill and drummer Alan Moore filled out the roster.  Moore would not stay with the band long. They went through drummers like crazy back then.

Sad Wings of Destiny was released in 1976.

It did not chart.  Those albums would come soon enough.

Track listing

Original (Gull) LP track listing

Side A

  1. “Victim of Changes”  7:47
  2. “The Ripper” 2:50
  3. “Dreamer Deceiver”  5:51
  4. “Deceiver”  2:40

Side B

  1. “Prelude”  2:02
  2. “Tyrant”  4:28
  3. “Genocide”  5:51
  4. “Epitaph” 3:08
  5. “Island of Domination”  4:32


  • Rob Halford: vocals
  • K.K. Downing: guitar
  • Glenn Tipton: guitar, piano
  • Ian Hill: bass guitar
  • Alan Moore – drums


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  1. realgone (10 Feb 2011, 8:03)

    Love Priest. This album is definitely the first of a classic run of albums, ending with 1984’s ‘Defenders of The Faith’. Read my detailed review of their hit ‘n’ miss ‘Rocka Rolla’ debut here: http://realgonerocks.blogspot.com/2010/08/judas-priest-rocka-rolla.html

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