The ‘Nirvana Baby’ is Now All Grown Up. Who is He? What Is He Doing Now?


Let’s check out this post that we ran a few years ago. Spencer is now nearly 30 years old.

You’ve seen him but you probably never knew his name.  The famous three month old pee-pee baring baby on the cover of the Nirvana Nevermind album is now a thirty something year old man. His name is Spencer Elden.  He told MTV News a few years back  “it’s kind of creepy [to think] that that many people have seen me naked — I feel like I’m the world’s biggest porn star.” 

The shot was taken at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center in Pasadena, California and it’also where he “kinda” recreated the cover in 2008.

Elden said that his parents were paid $200 for allowing their son to be used on the cover.  It was taken by a friend of his father. He said it has it’s perks though. “I have to use stupid pickup lines like, ‘You want to see my penis … again?’ ” But it’s also led to some strange encounters as well. He was once invited to swim in a rather wealthy woman’s pool for the mere fact that he was the Nirvana baby.

He studied at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA and  works for as an artist for the clothing company Obey Giant.

Oh, he also received a platinum album for his efforts.

–Larry Carta

 Here’s a CNN interview from 2011.

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