Kevin Federline ‘Playing With Fire’ (2013 April Fool’s Day Entry)

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Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#851 in the Series) is Kevin Ferderline, Playing With Fire

I love surprises in the music business. Some surprises are better than others. I also like when one of those surprises is a “rag to riches” story or even a story about when someone makes the most of them-self and takes their unknown to most talent and moves beyond where they were and into the spotlight.

Kevin Federline is the perfect example. Who knew when he was just a background dancer for Britney Spears that he had this kind of talent? Who knew that he could write songs as well as these? Who knew that he could sing like this? I didn’t, I bet you didn’t either.

Playing With Fire dropped in 2006 and didn’t receive the recognition it deserved.  It’s a shame that Britney divorced him just a week after the album was released. Maybe she didn’t want to share the spotlight with him and thought by divorcing him that she could hurt its success. It worked. She did appear on the album but only one cut called “Crazy.”

As you can see by the songs listed below, Kevin actually co-wrote many of these “should have been classics.” He did get some help on a few of them, well actually more than a few, OK… all of them. At least he had help from big names such as Christopher Notes Olsen, William Crawford, Jonatham Rotem, Cecil Brookes IV and lastly the great Bosko Kante. Rotem, Bosco and Notes also added production to the project along with another superstar, you know who I’m talking about, Versatile.

I’m still thinking that part of the reason that this didn’t461_kevin_federline_photo_1 do as well was because of backlash from the Britney divorce. I mean it did sell 16,000 units so that’s great. OK, maybe not so great. Kevin also did a tour for the album but it didn’t go far. Although the first show did great as he attracted 300 fans. OK, maybe not so great but it wasn’t his fault that he played a hall that held 1500 people. The promoter obviously didn’t get the word out. Let’s not blame Mr. Ferderline because a promoter couldn’t get his act together.  The rest of the shows were cancelled.

I believe that the album is still available through the usual places. However before you jump and call to place an order, you might want to check today’s date. Yes it’s April Fool’s Day.

–Larry Carta, Chicago, Illinois USA

Track listing

  1. “Intro” 0:57Please visit and LIKE our facebook page
  2. “The World Is Mine” (Olsen, Federline, Crawford) 2:43
  3. “America’s Most Hated”  (Rotem, Federline, Crawford) 3:42
  4. “Snap”  ( Brookes IV, Federline, Crawford) 3:54
  5. “Lose Control” (Rotem, Federline) 3:36
  6. “Dance with a Pimp” (featuring Ya Boy)(Rotem, Federline, Crawford) 3:50
  7. “Privilege” (featuring Bosko) (Federline,  Kante) 3:59
  8. “Crazy” (featuring Britney Spears) (Kante, Federline, G Louriano, DJ Emz, Bosko) 3:23
  9. “A League of My Own” (Federline, Roettger) 3:35
  10. “Playing with Fire” (Federline, Fingers & Twirp) 4:48
  11. “Interlude” 0:56
  12. “Caught Up” (Olsen, Federline, Crawford) 3:47
  13. “Kept on Talkin'” (Olsen, Federline, Crawford) 10:36

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  1. Eric Berman (01 Apr 2013, 13:29)

    It hadn’t dawned on me last night when you sent me the link to this April 1 posting that it was a joke.

    You were losing all kinds of credibility with me until just now…

    Good one!


    • Larry Carta (01 Apr 2013, 13:49)

      I’m glad you read it!!! Last year we did Milli Vanilli.

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