‘Cool Album of the Day’ Announces the Formation of ‘Cool Album Productions’

Posted 22 Apr 2013 in Music + TV News



If You’re Not Moving Forward Then You’re Going Backwards.”

That saying has long been vibrating off many of our eardrums. Yes, it’s even bounced off ours here at “Cool Album of the Day” when those eardrums weren’t vibrating with good music.  Hence we officially announce the formation of our independent record label branded “Cool Album Productions.”

Our first release with be April 30th with the first solo album titled One Block East from former Heartsfield lead guitarist, songwriter, lead vocalist Phil Lucafo.

More releases are plan and will be announced in the future.

Phil Lucafo was responsible or partly responsible for many of Heartsfield’s better known songs such as “The Only Time I’m Sober Is When You’re Gone,” “Pass Me By,” “Gypsy Rider,” “I Like It A Lot” and “Rock and Roll Farm.” “The Only Time I’m Sober Is When You’re Gone” was just recently covered by a new band called Buck Satan and the 666 Shooters featuring Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen and Ministry’s Alain Jourgensen. Yes, all these years later and Phil and co-writer Perry Jordan’s song is indeed still relevant.

One Block East will feature some Indie Folk-Rock/Pop songs such as “It’s What I Do,”The Hunger” and “It’s What I Am.” There’s the late night, smokey bar sound of “Treat Me Right” which features Phil’s lovely wife Debbie on duet lead vocals and the sax of Barry Sperti. You’ll also hear a terrific song, “Haunt Me Again” that sounds like it’s a first  cousin to something recorded by Paul McCartney and produced by Jeff Lynne.

“Work For a Jerk” will please anyone thatOne Block East (1) has indeed worked for a jerk or worse while “Help Me Jesus” is a rockin’ number that Phil wrote as he was thinking what must be going through the minds of our troops at times while they’re fighting for everything we stand for.

Look for a couple of exciting BONUS cuts on Phil’s album was well as his very talented daughter Julia Juice (Lucafo) adds a couple nice tracks.

We’ve got some really good things coming this summer. We look forward to hoping you like what we have to offer.

Here is a LINK to the Cool Album Productions facebook Page. We’d be honored if you’d ‘like’ it!



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