Roy Buchanan "Roy Buchanan"

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#90 in the Series) Is Roy Buchanan’s self titled debut, Roy Buchanan.

Have you heard this guy play guitar? I can never say who’s the best guitar player to walk the planet. But I can tell you who I think would be in the team picture. Roy Buchanan would be in the team picture!

Roy Buchanan was released in August of 1972. It’s a great blues album.

It features what I think was Roy’s best song, ‘The Messiah Will Come Again.”

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 22 years since Roy left us.


  • Roy Buchanan   Guitar, Vocals
  • Ned Davis            Drums
  • Dick Heintze       Organ, Piano
  • Teddy Irwin        Guitar (Rhythm)
  • Chuck Tilley        Vocals
  • Peter VanAllen   Bass

Track listing

All songs written by Roy Buchanan except where indicated.

  1. “Sweet Dreams” (Don Gibson) – 3:32
  2. “I Am A Lonesome Fugitive” (Anderson, Anderson) – 3:44
  3. “Cajun” – 1:36
  4. “John’s Blues” – 5:06
  5. “Haunted House” (Geddins) – 2:44
  6. “Pete’s Blues” – 7:17
  7. “The Messiah Will Come Again” – 5:55
  8. “Hey Good Lookin'” (Hank Williams) – 2:15

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