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One Block East (1)


Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#1023 in the Series) is Phil Lucafo, One Block East.

One Block East is the first solo album by former Heartsfield co-lead guitarist/co-lead vocalist Phil Lucafo. (Full disclosure: One Block East was released by Cool Album Productions which is also owns this website.) Phil was responsible or partly responsible for many of Heartsfield’s better known songs such as “The Only Time I’m Sober Is When You’re Gone,” “Pass Me By,” “Gypsy Rider,” “I Like It A Lot” and “Rock and Roll Farm.” “The Only Time I’m Sober Is When You’re Gone” was just recently covered by a new band called Buck Satan and the 666 Shooters featuring Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen and Ministry’s Alain Jourgensen. Yes, all these years later and Phil and co-writer Perry Jordan’s song is indeed still relevant.

One Block East  features some Indie Folk-Rock/Pop songs such as “It’s What I Do,” “The Hunger” and “It’s What I Am.” There’s the late night, smokey bar sound of “Treat Me Right” which features Phil’s lovely wife Debbie on duet lead vocals and the sax of Barry Sperti. You’ll also hear a terrific song, “Haunt Me Again” that sounds like it’s a first cousin to something recorded by Paul McCartney and produced by Jeff Lynne.

“Work For a Jerk” will please anyone that has indeed worked for a jerk or worse while “Help Me Jesus” is a rockin’ number that Phil wrote as he was thinking what must be going through the minds of our troops during times while they’re fighting for everything we stand for.

The talent in the Lucafo family doesn’t end with Phil, his daughter Julia is a singer/songwriter as well. She has written more songs by the age of 21 than most musicians will write in a life-time. Look for great things from her in the near future. In the meantime, we’d like to introduce a couple of her songs here as “bonus cuts.” “All Tied Up” is a solo acoustic song while “Pissed Off Song” is a hard driving folk-rock tune with a memorable and fun chorus.

You can purchase singles off the albumphil (1) for 99 cents or you can save a little by buying the complete releases for just $7.49! That’s quite a deal people!

Here’s the songs on One Block East. We got Phil to say a few words on each of them.

The Songs

1) It’s What I Do: “I Just wanted to write something fast and frivolous. Also,  just wanted to see if I could sing those high notes :- )”

2) Treat Me Right: “I wanted something that had a back and forth exchange. Kudos to Debbie for singing with me on this one.”

3) I Am What I Am: “Popeye. I realized I had this in common with him.”

4) Haunt Me Again: “Love sucks. We win we lose we fight we makeup we cheat we lie we pretend we hurt. And we are the lucky ones that found love. At least we had a shot.”

5) The Hunger: “This song was written about our two cats. So aloof until you get a can out of the pantry.”

6) Magical Dancer: “This song is an ode to my lovely wife. Dancer, painter, wonderful Mother.”

7) Help Us Jesus: “Watching the news I started wondering how many of our brave men and women in uniform must be feeling. This song is for them.”

8) I Work For A Jerk:Lol…Everybody’s been there.”

Here are free listens to”Haunt Me Again,” Treat Me Right” and  “It’s What I Do,”

The Players

  • Phil Lucafo –  Guitars, Bass and Vocals
  • Debbie Lucafo – Vocals on “Treat Me Right”
  • Neil Holmquist – Drums and Percussion
  • Barry Sperti – Tenor Saxophone
  • Kevin Kreis – Keyboards
The Production Team
  • Produced by – Phil Lucafo and Neil Holmquist
  • Engineered by – Neil Holmquist
  • Recorded at – Dungeon Recording Studios
  • Cover photo – Elizabeth “Biz” McNeil

One Block East is available only via download below.  


Full Album Purchase (Includes the two bonus tracks)
Phil Lucafo "One Block East" - Full Album - $7.49


Individual  Track Purchases
Phil Lucafo - 01 It's What I Do - $0.99
Phil Lucafo - 02 Treat Me Right - $0.99
Phil Lucafo - 03 It's What I Am - $0.99
Phil Lucafo - 04 Haunt Me Again - $0.99
Phil Lucafo - 05 The Hunger - $0.99
Phil Lucafo - 06 Magical Dancer - $0.99
Phil Lucafo - 07 Help Me Jesus - $0.99
Phil Lucafo - 08 I Work For a Jerk - $0.99


Julia Juice Lucafo

Julia Juice

“Julia Juice” Lucafo – Bonus Tracks

"Julia Juice" single - All Tied Up - $0.99
"Julia Juice" single - Pissed Off Song - $0.99

“The copyright in this sound recording and artwork is owned by PhiBil Music and or JuLu Music. Warning: all rights reserved. Unauthorized copying, reproduction, hiring, lending and public performance prohibited.”

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