Listen to new Black Sabbath Album ’13’ For Free!



Listen to Black Sabbath 13 For Free

So you’d like to hear Black Sabbath’s new album 13 before it’s official release date of  June 11th? Well you can by visiting the official Black Sabbath iTunes page. To get there click this link: iTunes artist page, once your there then you must click on “View in iTunes” to access the stream to 13 in its entirety.

This is the first Black Sabbath studio album with Ozzy Osbourne since 1978’s Never Say  Die.

Bill Ward is not part of the project. Toni Iommi was asked about it by Rolling Stone Magazine.

“I didn’t know Bill was having these issues when we got together – he never even mentioned it to us. It was quite confusing. We wanted him involved, but it was just getting too hard.”

Enjoy the music. Here’s the link again. 


(Click on “View in iTunes” once you get there.)




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