What is Nick Lowe Teasing? A ‘Stiff’ Reunion in the Works? An Album Backed by Wilco? What?

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Could there be some kind of Stiff Records Reunion in the works? Something is up we know that. Nick Lowe posted this picture and teased it with this caption. “Wondering what big announcement is coming Thursday, July 25? Head to www.nicklowe.com   (starting today!), where we’ll have daily hints of what’s to come. We’ll also try to help fill in the blanks with extra clues here on Facebook. Hope you’re as excited as we are…”

There have been a few people guessing that it will indeed be a reunion since some think that in this picture that Elvis Costello is second from the left and possibly Larry Wallis far left.

We’ve also heard that maybe Nick made record with Wilco as his backing band. There are six members in Wilco and this picture appears to show seven. What do you think? Does this look like them in the picture?

Here’s Wilco and Nick performing “Cruel to be Kind” a few Years ago.

Nick, Wilco and Mavis Staples rehearsing “The Weight.”

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