Little Feat ‘Waiting For Columbus’

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#113 in the Series) is Little Feat, Waiting For Columbus.

We usually only have studio albums in this blog. No Greatest Hits packages either. But today is going to be different. Today is Little Feat, Waiting For Columbus. It’s quite possibly the best live album ever. (Note: since this was originally published we have indeed begun covering live albums, but still no greatest hits packages.)

I do so for sad reasons. Little Feat drummer Richie Hayward
passed away yesterday from liver cancer. He will be missed by masses. He was a wonderful musician and accordinglittlefeat3 to those that knew him, a wonderful person.

What always amazed me about Waiting For Columbus was Richie’s drum sound. For 1978, the drums kicked like something recorded decades later. What a wonderful sound!

Highlights are many. “Fatman In The Bathtub,” “Oh Atlanta,” “Old Folks Boogie,” ” Spanish Moon,” “Willin,’” “Rocket in My Pocket” and of course, “Dixie Chicken’ into’ Tripe Face Boogie.”

Lowell George never sounded better than on this record. Billy Payne, Sam Clayton, Kenny Gradney and Paul Barrere rounded out the sound. The Tower of Power horns also were a huge part of this.

I found the story below on the Little Feat’s facebook Page. Click HERE to join it.


I think you’ll find this interesting…..

“Waiting For Columbus” (1973) – Painting by Neon Parklittle_feat-79

Why did Little Feat name their 1977 live album “Waiting for Columbus”?

“Christopher Columbus discovered the tomato when he “discovered” America. The ‘hot’ tomato in the hammock is waiting to be ‘discovered’ (like Lana Turner). So, she is waiting for Columbus. Neon Park had named his painting Waiting for Columbus when he created it. The band took the existing title of the painting as the title of the album, according to Fred Tackett.”


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Track listing

Side one

  1. “Join The Band” (Traditional) – 1:50
  2. “Fat Man in the Bathtub” (George) – 4:50
  3. “All That You Dream” (Barrère, Payne) – 4:25
  4. “Oh Atlanta” (Payne) – 4:09
  5. “Old Folks’ Boogie” (Barrère, G. Barrère) – 4:22

Side two

  1. “Time Loves a Hero” (Barrère, Gradney, Payne) – 4:20
  2. “Day or Night” (Payne, F. Tate) – 5:23
  3. “Mercenary Territory” (George, E. George, Hayward) – 4:27
  4. “Spanish Moon” (George) – 4:49

Side three

  1. “Dixie Chicken” (George, Kibbee) – 9:00
  2. “Tripe Face Boogie” (Hayward, Payne) – 7:02
  3. “Rocket in My Pocket” (George) – 3:42

Side four

  1. “Willin'” (George) – 4:42
  2. “Don’t Bogart That Joint” (E. Ingber, L. Wagner) – 0:57
  3. “A Apolitical Blues” (George) – 3:41
  4. “Sailin’ Shoes” (George) – 6:18
  5. “Feats Don’t Fail Me Now” (Barrère, George, Kibbee) – 5:17



  •  Paul Barrère – guitar, vocals
  • Sam Clayton – congas, vocals
  • Lowell George – lead vocals, guitar
  • Kenny Gradney – bass guitar
  • Richard Hayward – drums, vocals
  • Bill Payne – keyboards, synthesizer, vocals
  • Mick Taylor – slide guitar (“A Apolitical Blues”)

With the Tower of Power horn section

  • Emilio Castillo – tenor saxophone
  • Greg Adams – trumpet
  • Lenny Pickett – alto saxophone and tenor saxophone
  • Stephen “Doc” Kupka – baritone saxophone
  • Mic Gillette – trombone, trumpet

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  1. Dave Gonet (14 Apr 2012, 9:01)

    What I recall about WFC, besides what a stellar album it was, was that it was followed up with a tour in 1978. I saw LF at the Assembly Hall at U of I with the horn section. What comes to mind here, more so than earlier Little Feat albums, is what an extra ordinary talent Lowell George was. After seeing him perform I recall researching in a retrospective manner and discovering what a true guitar talent, song writer, and performer he was. soon, LG burst onto the mainstream scene by producing the Dead’s Breakdown Street, doing a solo projects, and taking the helm of little Feat. Truly, if one only has one Little Feat album, this is the one to own.

    Finally, after the super nova sales of previous live albums, particularly REO Speed Wagon’s double Live set and “Frampton Comes alive”, “Waiting for Columbus” was, to my memory, the last fully produced, marketed, and selling live album of that genre.

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