Juice Lucafo Releases Debut Single “All Tied Up” Via “Grow Music Project”

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GROW MUSIC PROJECT is proud to present episode #06 of “GMP • The Session Diaries”, a new documentary web series about great emerging independent artists and bands that you might not know, but should.

Ep.#06 features JUICE LUCAFO, hailing from Phoenix, AZ, (via Chicago, IL) Juice puts you straight away into the heart of the song, especially with a track like “All Tied Up.” There’s no filler with Juice – If she wants to say something, she says it – and with a vocal prowess that is as impressive as it is unique. She’s the complete artist – one that blows you away and remains stuck in your head after just one listen.

This episode chronicles the creative journey that her song “All Tied Up” took in the studio as part of the GROW MUSIC PROJECT, a music industry initiative that helps deserving independent artists through development and patronage. “All Tied Up” is now available at JuiceIsMusic.bandcamp.com

Why Grow Music Project Loves Juice

As a songwriter, Juice stood out in a big way. She puts you straight away into the heart of the song, especially with a track like “All Tied Up.”  We knew we were listening to something meaningful and honest. There’s no filler with Juice. If she wants to say something, she says it and finds her own sly way of making it cool.  And then there’s her voice – her vocal prowess is impressive, and it’s a complete artist that can blow you away with both lyrical chops and a killer unique voice.  We were in “wow” mode the moment she began to sing that first verse.  And when the chorus came in – she moved up to the top of our selection list.

Why You Need To Know About Juice

Her sound is all her own, but accessible enough to find a way into anyone’s playlist.  With such a great voice and a tell-it-like-she-sees-it approach to her lyrics, you’ll feel connected with her instantly.  Hers is the kind of songwriting that captures your attention and inspires you to want more.  Check out her track below. You’ll get where we’re coming from, when we say Juice is a really special artist.

Here’s Some Bio On Juice

Juice (Julia Lucafo) was born and raised in the South Suburbs of Chicago.  Her father Phil, a member of the 70s band Heartsfield (Columbia/Mercury), was a guitarist and songwriter, and by the age of 13, she was following in his footsteps as a prolific songwriter and performer. There are no limits to her scope of ideas.   She wraps them into masterful lyrics with candid honesty.  She exudes a vintage charm both musically and in person that her audience is drawn to.  Juice drew the attention of the L.A. crowd, quickly becoming the house band at the famous Rainbow Room in March, 2011.  The music is a flavorful blend of folk/pop/rock with melodic hooks and catchy lyrics, blending humor and fun with heartfelt emotion.  Her vocals and songwriting have a unique and distinct style filled with passion that brings magic to the story.  She delivers her songs with a genuine honesty that speaks and connects with her audience.


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