The Kenn Morr Band ‘Along The Way.’ … NEW ALBUM REVIEW

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Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#964 in the Series) is The Kenn Morr Band “Along the Way.”

The Cool Album of the Day site went dormant for way too long.  At times life interferes with life. One thing I’ve missed is finding cool little surprises in my mailbox. Yet once in a while I would still find a nice bubble wrapped package separating bills, coupon packets and info from the latest candidate that promises to make my life better.

However, every so often I’d still get one of those care packages. Every so often the content in said package is also a darn good listen. Can you believe that not every gift isn’t always good. Tru dat. The best ‘get’ that I ‘got’ in a long time was by The Kenn Morr Band.

One thing I always always do before I put finger to plastic when writing a new music review piece is to make sure that I’ve given it numerous listenings.  I feel that you can’t be truly fair to an artist’s work on one visit. Put it this way from my Italian heritage perspective. An album is like a batch of home made pasta. It tastes better the next day after all the ‘gredients have blended. That doesn’t mean that you can’t draw something from the first listen though. Did anything jump out at you? Were you moved at all? Does it need salt or maybe more Parmesan?

One thing did jump out at me when I first listened to Along the Way. That was “If Roger Waters was to record an Americana album, this is what it would sound like.” I consider that a compliment. This album deserves passion buckets of compliments. It’s that good.

I find Kenn’s voice similar to Waters voice when Roger gives us the softer tunes. I find it very soothing and fits the music perfectly. Great vocalists sing what’s appropriate to the song. The music, which is driven by mainly acoustic instruments has a nice breezy feel to it. “Out of the Fast Lane and Let it Go” indeed. It’s weird to think that this came from a Connecticut based band. I wonder if they recorded it while being snowed in during another much too frequent ‘Nor’easter?’

This is music that will make you want to be at the beach. No, let me change that. I’m thinking more the evening, around a fire pit, sharing it with good friends. Maybe even while making smores with Roger Waters.

– Larry Carta

Track Listing

    1. Out of the Fast Lane
    2. High Rollers
    3. Footprints to the Sea
    4. Along the Way
    5. Blow Wind
    6. Let it Go
    7. Anywhere Will be Your Home
    8. Mr. Wolfe
    9. Run Away
    10. Try Me Tomorrow


    • Kenn Morr – Guitar, Piano, Harmonica, Vocals
    • Bob Gaspar – Drums, Percussion
    • Tom Hagymasi – Mandolin, Violin, Bouzouki, Accordian
    • Pat Ryan – Bass, Backing Vocals


Listen to Along the Way via this YouTube Playlist

Footprints to the Sea Video

Kenn Morr School Enrichment Program – Self-Expression (This is cool!)

Mr. Wolfe

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