Todd Rundgren’s Utopia is Looking for a Keyboard Player and It Could be You.

Posted 19 Mar 2018 in Music + TV News


Here’s your big break! Todd Rundgren and the rest of the band Utopia are looking for a keyboard player and they’re in a big hurry. The tour begins on May 22nd and the expectant key man Ralph Schuckett will not be part of it. Todd, bassist Kasim Sulton and drummer John “Willie” Wilcox are planing on filling the spot this week.

Here’s the post shared on Todd’s facebook page on March 19th.

Todd Rundgren – Due to unexpected health issues, unfortunately Ralph Schuckett will be unable to tour with Utopia this spring. While discussing a replacement keyboardist, it occurred to us that there may be someone out there who already knows the music and vocal parts and would like an opportunity to tour with us. So if you think you could fill those big shoes, we invite you to submit an audio and/or video sample to us. We are on a very fast track, so the decision will be made this week. Band rehearsals begin in 2 weeks, so you won’t have a lot of time to learn the set. If you still want to try out, send your submissions (mp3s or links) to If audio-only, a photo would be nice but not required. Good luck! Utopia

Utopia Tour Announcement Video

If you need to learn the parts quickly here’s a live show from 1992

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