The Reconstructed “Great North Wind” NEW MUSIC REVIEW


Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#1005 in the Series) is The Reconstructed Great North Wind. 

When first approached by the CEO of Cool Album of The Day to write this review I was met with great trepidation. My exact words were “I’d feel foolish writing a record review for an album recorded by a good friend.” After some serious introspection while out mowing my lawn it occurred to me that people need to hear this album!

So in the interest of transparency………….yes ….Martin England the lead vocalist and chief songwriter is a dear friend. The Reconstructeds’ latest effort is titled Great North Wind. Their home base is the Seacoast area of Maine/New Hampshire. It’s been several years since they released Dawn Chorus which was their first record and brilliant in its’ own right. The new album finds the band taking the next step. The foundation is still great songwriting but the sonic approach here is a thing of beauty. No need to get into a song by song analysis, explore on your own.

Great North Wind still has that folk-based songwriting but the sound is more electric and intense. I’m a big fan of loud guitars and Jesse Dold knows exactly where to place these loud parts on the record adding some extra sonic punch. Courtney Brocks Dold does her usual fantastic job on support vocals and acoustic guitar. Andrew Russel on bass and vocals keeps the bottom in check. His bass on “Unfolds” is reminiscent of The Cure or New Order. Sean Daniels on drums basically lays down a master class in drumming throughout the entire record. Having seen him play live, he is seemingly effortless behind the kit. The mark of a great drummer is when they look like they aren’t even trying, and I’ve had the pleasure of having some great drummers in my personal circle of friends.

This is a basically a homegrown recording and production making the quality even more impressive. I guess if I had

to persuade anybody to give this album a listen I’d say if you are a fan of great songwriting and sonically brilliant recording then you should throw down for this record.

Super proud to announce that Martin England has also been nominated for Songwriter of the Year by the New England Music Awards. Vote early………..…………….vote often. VOTE HERE. You know you really should!

Fun band fact: Martin England and his wife Jen run a not-for-profit organization called the Continuum Arts Collective. The main goal of the project is to provide  musical instruments and other art supplies to disadvantaged young artists in Maine and most recently in New Hampshire. Please consider helping to Give the Gift of Music. They can be reached here Continuum Arts. 

— Terry Witmer, Warner, New Hampshire


  1. Crosstalk
  2. Talking With Your Ghost
  3. Wrapped
  4. Offline
  5. Unfolds
  6. Something Came Over Me
  7. Home Fires
  8. 50 Minute Records
  9. Swing the Hammer, Free
  10. Great North Wind

The Reconstructed Are

  • Martin England – Lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, barkeep at North Buick Lounge
  • Jesse Dold – Guitar, vocals and effects wizardry
  • Andrew Russell – Bass, vocals
  • Courtney Brocks Dold – Guitar, vocals
  • Sean Daniels – Drums


Give a listen below

Great North Wind was written, arranged, rehearsed, and recorded at both the Lu and Ghost Mill Studios starting in fall 2017 and ending in May 2019. Written by Martin England. Arranged by the Reconstructed. Recorded at Ghost Mill Studios. Mastered by Greg Tobler, NYC. Video directed and photo still credit one to Adam Goodine.

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