Corky Siegel “Corky Siegel”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#543 in the Series) is Corky Siegel’s self titled album, Corky Siegel.

Corky was better known for his work with picker Jim Schwall in the Chicago based blues act, Siegel-Schwall Band but I was always partial to this solo release.

Corky used to do tons of solo shows around Chicago in the late 70’s. That’s when I got to really know most of this material. I’d love to see him do this stuff at good ol’ “Connollys’ on Kedzie.

The best known track here is “Half Asleep At The Wheel” other highlights included “Am I Wrong About You,” and “Mornin’ Corn.”

Rollo Radford from Siegel-Schwall played on this solo disc as well.

This is long out of print,but this and the follow up release called Out Of The Blue have been released as a compilation. It’s called Solo Flight.

Some highlights from Out of the Blue where more Corky classics like “Idhao Potato Man,” ” Goodbye California” and’ “Southwest Coast Blues.”

Corky Siegel has always been considered one of the best harmonica players in the world. You can hear his playing on many players.  He’s one of those players that you can identify on just a couple notes.  There’s only so many artists you can do that with, Carlos Santana and Mark Knofler on guitar and Corky Siegel on harp on three of then.

Corky is always playing the clubs in Chicago.  Siegel-Schwall are back at it again, plus Corky has his ‘Chamber Blues’ project still out on the streets as well.

— Larry Carta

Track Listing

  1. Am I Wrong About You
  2. I Don’t Need a Roommate
  3. Morning Corn
  4. Love All Day to You
  5. Half Asleep at the Wheel
  6. Strong Enough to Bend
  7. She Makes Me Feel So Good
  8. Hobo Bill’s Last Ride
  9. I Don’t Care What Cha Doin’


Talk about ahead of their time, check this out from 1971!

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