Echo and the Bunnymen "Echo and the Bunnymen"

Today’c Cool Album of the Day is Echo and the Bunnymen’s, “Echo and the Bunnymen.”

One of my favorites by Ian McCulloch and the boys. My favorite release of 1987.

Features ‘Lips Like Sugar, Bombers Bay, Bedbugs and Ballyhoo’ and ‘ The Game.’

Echo and the Bunnymen are usually considered part of the British Post Punk era. I tend to think of them more of a part of the so called New Romanticism style. New Romanticism, to me, was the sound that evolved from from the Roxy Music and Brian Eno sound. see: Ultravox etc. I like Echo in that group.

But like we’ve said before in this forum. Who cares what group they’re in. The better question is, Are they any damn good?

Echo and the Bunnymen are damn good. That’s why they’re back on tour and that’s why they’re ‘Today’s Cool Album of the Day.’ Oh, yeah…..Happy Birthday Ian.


  • Ian McCulloch – vocals, guitar
  • Will Sergeant – guitar
  • Les Pattinson – bass
  • Pete de Freitas – drums
  • Henry Priestman – keyboards
  • Jake Brockman – keyboards
  • Ray Manzarek – keyboards (“Bedbugs and Ballyhoo”)
  • Stephen Morris – drums (“Soul Kitchen”)

Track listing

All tracks written by Will Sergeant, Ian McCulloch and Les Pattinson except where noted.

  1. “The Game” – 3:50
  2. “Over You” – 4:01
  3. “Bedbugs and Ballyhoo” (Sergeant, McCulloch, Pattinson, Pete de Freitas) – 3:28
  4. “All in Your Mind” (Sergeant, McCulloch, Pattinson, de Freitas) – 4:32
  5. “Bombers Bay” – 4:22
  6. “Lips Like Sugar” – 4:52
  7. “Lost and Found” – 3:37
  8. “New Direction” – 4:45
  9. “Blue Blue Ocean” – 5:08
  10. “Satellite” (Sergeant, McCulloch, Pattinson, de Freitas) – 3:04
  11. “All My Life” – 4:07

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