White Lies "To Lose My Life"

Today’s Cool Album of the Day is The White Lies ‘To Lose My Life…”

I was starting to think that everyone thought I only listen to things that were recorded years ago. For that reason, I’ve decided to go with something current today. Why you ask? Well, because it reminded me of something that was recorded years ago!

This is called To Lose My Life by The White Lies. If you were a fan of bands like The Cure, Ultravox, Echo and The Bunnymen, Joy Division etc, then I think that you would like The White Lies.

Track listing

  1. “Death”
  2. “To Lose My Life”
  3. “A Place to Hide”
  4. “Fifty on Our Foreheads”
  5. “Unfinished Business”
  6. “E.S.T.”
  7. “From the Stars”
  8. “Farewell to the Fairground”
  9. “Nothing to Give”

Posted by Larry Carta

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