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Today’s Cool Album of the Day is the debut album by “Styx.”

This release was such a HUGE deal for my friends and I. Not that it was anything ground breaking or musically more significant than other releases. This was a huge deal for mainly one reason. Styx were local lads. They were from the neighborhood, from the Parish. It was a big deal to guy that used to play ‘guitar masses’ at your church actually release something that you could toss on your turntable.

The album started with a suite called ‘Movement For the Common Man.’ It contained a small part of Aaron Copeland’s ‘Fanfare for a Common Man’ but was mainly remembered for a section where they interviewed people on the street and placed some of their comments about young people into the songs. Usually with not the intended humor!


  • John Curulewski – guitar, vocals and electronics
  • Dennis DeYoung – organ, piano, synthesizer and vocals
  • Chuck Panozzo – bass
  • John Panozzo – drums and percussion,
  • James Young – guitar, acoustic guitar and vocals

Track listing

Side One

  1. “Movement for the Common Man” – 13:11
    • “Children of the Land” (James Young)
    • “Street Collage” (John Ryan)
    • “Fanfare for the Common Man” (Aaron Copland)
    • “Mother Nature’s Matinee” (James Young, Dennis DeYoung)
  2. “Right Away” (Paul Frank) – 3:40

Side Two

  1. “What Has Come Between Us” (Mark Gaddis) – 4:53
  2. “Best Thing” (James Young, Dennis DeYoung) – 3:13
  3. “Quick Is the Beat of My Heart” (Lewis Mark) – 3:49
  4. “After You Leave Me” (George S. Clinton) – 4:00

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This is far from being even good in quality.  But it’s the oldest, to me, known video of Styx.  Here they are doing ‘Best Thing’ in 1972.

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