Savoy Brown “Raw Sienna”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#237 in the Series) is Savoy Brown, Raw Sienna.

I’m sure the old timers in our group know the story of Savoy Brown.  But for those who don’t, quickly… Savoy Brown was the fantastic blues-rock band that produced some great music starting in the later 60s. It was mostly Kim Simmonds band.  Three early mainstays of the band, Tony (aka Tone) Stevens, Roger Earl and “Lonesome” Dave Peverett would later leave to form another successful band, Foghat. Savoy Brown would continue and continue to make some great music for years to come. However, you never had a clue who Kim would have in his band from day to day. I guess that did keep things fresh!

Raw Sienna, 1970,  was considered possibly their best release. You can hear just about all of it below in the video section.

The second video playlist is a collection of other great songs by Savoy Brown. Live and Studio.

Raw Sienna reached #121 on the Billboard Top 200 Album chart.


  • Roger Earl – Drums, Percussion
  • “Lonesome” Dave Peverett – Guitar
  • Kim Simmonds – Guitar, Harmonica, Piano
  • Tony Stevens – Bass, Percussion
  • Chris Youlden -Piano, Vocals

Track listing

  1. “A Hard Way to Go”
  2. “That Same Feelin'”
  3. “Master Hare”
  4. “Needle and Spoon”
  5. “A Little More Wine”
  6. “I’m Crying”
  7. “Stay While the Night Is Young”
  8. “Is That So”
  9. “When I Was a Young Boy”

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