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Posted 29 Dec 2010 in Music + TV News

Photo by: Cara Tompkins

Through a friend (tangodog da void) I met Doug Lewis, the driving force behind Venice Arts Club Records. Like most of us, Doug is confronted by a struggle against a corporate machine controlled by a select few who seem hell bent on dehumanizing us in exchange for profit. On top of that he’s been living with cancer for years. A natural reaction to all this would be for him to resign himself to a life of hiding and hording. Instead, Doug provides a place for artists to have a voice against the machine – his studio, his home….his life – the VAC.

The VAC is a studio in Venice, CA that “produces and promotes local music and community art.” Musicians and artists, from a broad range of styles and experience, get together at Doug’s studio and collaborate. Some are out back around the fire, jamming, talking, creating or just hanging out. While some are in the studio creating, writing, recording and mixing music. This loose, free-form, creative process would make an old paradigm record label executive’s head explode. However, don’t be fooled, their latest project: New White Trash Doublewide will blow you away with it’s range of style and recording quality. We’ll post a write up on this album on January 11, 2011, the day of it’s official release. In the mean time you can get a pre-release copy at

We are very excited about what Doug and the New White Trash are doing at the VAC and you’ll hear more about it here on Cool Album of the Day. Here’s a little taste…

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