Graham Parker and the Shot "Steady Nerves"

Today’s Cool Album of the Day is Graham Parker and the Shot’s, “Steady Nerves.”

Far, Far, Far from being Parker’s most popular album, “Steady Nerves” always was a favorite of mine. This was released in 1985 and I had just gotten my first full time music biz job and I remember this being one of the first ‘promos’ I ever received. Maybe that’s why I played it a bunch. Who knows.

It turned out to be his only Electra release. It featured some great tracks like ‘Break Then Down, Wake Up (Next To You), Mighty Rivers’ and ‘Lunatic Fringe.’

Give it a listen…..If you can find it!  UPDATE: I believe it’s been re-released.

Today’s Cool Album of the Day, Graham Parker and the Shot’s, “Steady Nerves.”

Track listing

All songs written by Graham Parker.

  1. “Break Them Down”
  2. “Mighty Rivers”
  3. “Lunatic Fringe”
  4. “Wake Up (Next To You)”
  5. “When You Do That To Me”
  6. “The Weekend’s Too Short”
  7. “Take Everything”
  8. “Black Lincoln Continental”
  9. “Canned Laughter”
  10. “Everyone’s Hand Is On The Switch”
  11. “Locked Into Green”


  • Graham Parker – lead and backing vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Brinsley Schwarz – lead guitar, backing vocals
  • George Small – keyboards
  • Kevin Jenkins – bass
  • Michael Braun – drums

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