The Steepwater Band ‘Live at the Double Door”

Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#248 in the Series, and #14, in the Live, Saturday Night Series) is The Steepwater Band, Live at the Double Door.

I used to have a gig trying to book gigs for bands years ago. You’d assemble a promo kit and try to get your name in front of agents and club owners etc.  One of the questions they’d always ask, and quickly too, was ‘How many members in band, son? Not, ‘Are they any good?  Or ‘Where else have you played?’ No it was ‘How many members?!’

If you answered by describing you were representing a three piece…we’ll, you were not very welcomed in the south, southwest suburbs of Chicago and even less in northwest Indiana.

I never understood that.  Sometime I think their only reasoning was that four or five piece acts had a better chance of having more friends than a trio.  I can say that when I was deciding to check a band out, I never said, ‘Man there music is great, but I’m not going to see them. They only got three guys!’

So if you were able to get gigs with a three piece, well, you really had to be darn good! If you had a strong reputation then you sure surely earned it. You really had shown that you worked hard!

That brings us to The Steepwater Band.   They’re from that area.

Do like Rock and Roll? Good old fashioned straight forward blues driven, boogie woogie rock and roll. Well then buy this band’s music, today!

They’ve been together for over ten years. They’re released many a disc and had the good fortune to have many of their songs used in other media formats like television shows, commercials and documentaries.

The Steepwater Band is Jeff Massey on guitar and vocals, Tod Bowers on bass and Joe Winters on drums. They all share writing credits.

This album was recorded at the Double Door lounge in Chicago. A great room, a great sounding blues room as well. Don’t believe me? Ask the Rolling Stones, they’ve played there.

One last thing, when you see this band, be sure to check out Tod Bowers SWEET Epiphone bass guitar. What a wonderful looking instrument.

I’ve attached a good number of videos below, some live, some not. Check ’em out. If you’re a rocker I thing you’ll really like these guys.

Track Listing

  1. Indiana Line
  2. Roadblock
  3. Fire Away
  4. Revelation Sunday
  5. Dance Me a Number
  6. Healer
  7. All the Way To Nowhere
  8. Baby, You’re On Your Own
  9. A Lot of Love Around
  10. Lord Knows
  11. Steel Sky
  12. One Way Ride
  13. World Keeps Moving On
  14. The Stars Look Good Tonight


  • Jeff Massey (guitar and vocals)
  • Tod Bowers (bass guitar)
  • Joe Winters (drums)

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Listen to the album via the ‘Cool Album’ MySpace Page. (Then go buy it!!)

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