Jefferson Starship “Red Octopus”

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Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#261 in the Series) is Jefferson Starship, Red Octopus.

I know I should have gone with a classic Jefferson Airplane album and not a Jefferson Starship album, but I decided to go this route because I’m a big fan of ‘Play on Love.’

The reason I like the song so much is because of the prominent role played by Papa John Creach. I love his fiddle work on this album.

‘Fast Buck Freddie’ is another great track.  Marty Balin’s ‘Miracles’ can also be found here.

Red Octopus was the only ‘Jefferson’ album to reach the top of the charts. It actually hit number one four times.  The first time was in early September of 1975, then again later in that month.  Following the release of the second single, Play on Love, it hit number one again in early November and then again a few weeks later.

‘Miracles’ was a #3 hit while ‘Play on Love’ reached #49.

— Larry Carta 

Track listing

Side One

  1. “Fast Buck Freddie”  Craig Chaquico 3:28
  2. “Miracles” Balin 6:52
  3. “Git Fiddler” (instrumental) Papa John Creach, Kevin Moore, John Parker 3:08
  4. “Al Garimasu (There Is Love)”  Slick  4:15
  5. “Sweeter Than Honey”  Chaquico, Pete Sears 3:20

Side Two

  1. “Play On Love”  Slick, Sears 3:44
  2. “Tumblin'”  Balin, Robert Hunter David Freiberg 3:27
  3. “I Want To See Another World”  Paul Kantner, Slick, Balin 4:34
  4. “Sandalphon” (instrumental)  Sears 4:08
  5. “There Will Be Love”  Kantner, Balin, Chaquico 5:04

    Papa John Creach


  • Grace Slick – vocals, piano on “Ai Garimasu”
  • Paul Kantner – vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Marty Balin – vocals
  • John Barbata – drums, percussion, vocals
  • Craig Chaquico – lead guitar, vocals
  • Papa John Creach – electric violin
  • Pete Sears – bass on all tracks except “Git Fiddler”, “Play On Love”, and “Sandalphon”, electric piano on “Mirror image”, keyboards on “Git Fiddler” and “Sweeter Than Honey”, piano on “Play On Love”, “I Want to See Another World”, “Sandalphon”, and “There Will Be Love”, organ on “Play On Love”, “I Want to See Another World”, and “Sandalphon”, clavinet on “Play On Love”, Arp on “Sandalphon”, vocals
  • David Freiberg – vocals, bass on “Git Fiddler”, “Play On Love”, and “Sandalphon”, organ on “Miracles” and “I Want to See Another World”, Arp on “Ai Garimasu” and “There Will Be Love”, keyboards on “Tumblin'”

Additional Personnel

  • Bobbye Hall – percussion, congas
  • Irv Cox – saxophone

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  1. e3 (20 Jan 2011, 23:11)

    Larry, You are on quite the roll, posting some of my all time faves!!! Thanks

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