Kayak “Royal Bed Bouncer”

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Today’s Cool Album of the Day (#265 in the Series) is Kayak, Royal Bed Bouncer.

OK, I really wanted to run with something not completely obscure, but not a household name either. I want something in ‘Progressive Rock,’ let’s say something that might challenge some of you a little.  I really want to stay away from things that everyone knows.   There are plenty of sights that just have the huge hit records.

Well How ‘bout Kayak, Royal Bed Bouncer. I really like the fact that I couldn’t even find a good clear photo of their original cover. I had to use a picture of an actual vinyl LP cover.  I really like that. In fact, if I can find more, you’ll be damn right I’ll be using them.

Kayak is a band from the Netherlands, (real Flatlanders!) They’re actually still together so they might be coming to a city near you.

Royal Bed Bouncer is their third album. The first two were a little more progressive than this. This has moments that are somewhat more straightforward. It is still a prog-rock entry in my book.

Considering this was 1975, I was surprised that I was able to gather a decent amount of the album for you to listen to below. Make sure you do. At minimum give me the title cut. I think you’ll like it. Especially if you like 70s, ‘progsters!!’

Royal Bed Bouncer peaked at #199 on the Billboard Top 200.

Track listing

  1. Royal Bed Bouncer (4:02)
  2. Life Of Gold (3:25)
  3. You’re So Bizarre (3:48)
  4. Bury The World (4:21)
  5. Chance For A Lifetime (4:15)
  6. If This Is Your Welcome (4:56)
  7. Moments Of Joy (4:00)
  8. Patricia Anglaia (2:14)
  9. Said No Word (5:15)
  10. My Heart Never Changed (2:33)


  • Ton Scherpenzeel – keyboards, backing vocals, double bass
  • Pim Koopman – drums, backing vocals, lead vocals on “Bury The World”
  • Max Werner – lead and backing vocals, percussion, mellotron
  • Bert Veldkamp – bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Johan Slager – guitars, backing vocals

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