‘Cool Album of the Day’ featured on ‘720 WGN’ Nick Digilio Show.

Posted 27 Jan 2011 in Music + TV News

Larry Carta, co-founder of ‘Cool Album of the Day’ was recently interviewed on ‘720 WGN’ Chicago radio.

The interview was part of the Nick Digilio Show. Here’s a link to the complete interview!  Enjoy!!

Are you familiar with Nick’s Show on WGN? If not, you should be. He sprays to all fields. Movie reviews, TV reviews, DVD talk, pop culture, how the Blackhawks did tonight, etc etc.  Check out his homepage.

You can follow Nick via all the usual methods, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia etc.

You can find the links as a group here. Or click on them individually above! They’re all active.

His show runs every Friday Night from 1opm until 2am and Saturday from 6pm until 11pm.

Lastly, a big thanks goes out to Nick’s producer Andy Hermann. Without him, this opportunity would not happen.

Here’s a link to the station website. You can listen there!

WGN Radio Website

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